Life and Death

As soon as u die, ua identity becomes a “body” people use phrases like “bring that body” “lower the body in the grave” “take the body to the graveyard” etc. pple don’t even call you by ua name, even those whom u tried to impress ua whole life… Live a life to impress the creator & not the creation.
Take chances… spend money on things you love… laugh till ur stomach hurts… dance even if u r too bad at it… pose stupidly for photos… b a child-like… do wat the fuck makes u happy…
Death is not the greatest loss in life… loss iz when LIFE DIES INSIDE YOU WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE; Please celebrate this event called LIFE…


Death becomes a calamity if you didn’t live the correct way.
I know where you got the quote from, you altered it but point taken.
Give charity, do good deeds, prepare for the afterlife.

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life is not an option…make change and kill yourself