Life after kuzalia chimpanzee

I’d rather be a chimp than an unhinged old cunt

This is Sad Aki…

I wonder what the back story is. I heard it was her husband who found them. RIP.

F*ck these Bonobos…

What the hell.

Ferk them. If they are not killing you or using your body parts for money rituals, they’re driving you insane and sending you into depression until you kill yourself. Do you know that some of my married friends younger than me by like ten years have ulcers, growths and cysts. Very poor immunity just from the stress given to them by their husbands? You wonder how their health will be at my age.

Let me tell you what is wore than HIV and even Cancer, stress from someone who took you from your parents house, made you go through harrowing near death to have his children then he starts treating you like garbage, won’t even provide for his own offspring. My friend utakufa.Either you will die from stress or you will kill yourself.

These chimpanzees usiwaone Sunday ask their wives the kind of hell they are in. You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. Kwanzaa the irony is that the people men treat worst are their wives. You can imagine the gaslighting. He wants you to portray a happy family to people but inside you are dying bcz of what he’s doing to you.

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jitombe na ujinyonge mbwa malaya wewe