Life after Death

Kupiga luku.

Why disturb the dead?

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Do you see them complaining? That is their culture. The world has very diverse viewpoints on death and not everyone is brainwashed to follow foreign edicts.


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Probably. Ngozi imekuwa leather na ikashrink. Good luck penetrating bila wd-40.

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You call that culture ? Thats bullshit… What about infections? If its culture why do they have masks…because it stinks right? .

There is reason why the dead remain buried or burnt. People need closure and moving on.

No wonder these Indonesians have weird diseases and eat almost anything and get all kind of diseases.




You are the one full of bullshit.

What special diseases do the multiple cultures found in Indonesia have not found elsewhere.

Pathogens are found everywhere in nature not just in coffins.

This fellows even appear to be Christians with crosses.

Death is profound and various people cope differently.

What they do in your culture is not the SI unit for anything.

I like how the community and the living reflect on death instead of making it taboo and hiding from it. We all die and it is important to be reminded of that fact instead of ignoring it. It helps demystify upuzi mingi and to contextualize existence and kukumbusha jamii maisha ni mafupi and fleeting.

Seems you are advocate for this unethical inhuman practice camouflaging as “cultural practice”. Kila nyani na starehe yake… do this: go introduce this practice to your relatives upate kuchapo cha mbwa…

Holy shit. What kind of custom is this?

Nani anamuuliza mkifanya hii upuzi ya kukalisha maiti. Kwani mnataka apate sitting allowance.

What weird diseases are you spreading?


Whoever came up na life after death concept anafaa asulubiwe. Ikiisha imeisha.

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“What you are now, we used to be. What we are now, you will be”


I think that culture is fantastic, you don’t loose your dead parmanently but stay with them . Shida ni nyang’ao kama @uwesmake or his son @cortedivoire can find a way to penetrate those bones

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