Lies Live on Thursday

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Hizo uongo apelekee mamake. UmbwaaaaH yeye


Mzee anaumiza raia na hizi matax ameturushia leo.


All those prof.s and docs in the government and the result is anyone of them just realizing they need to raise cost for doing stuff. Kila siku mnaamkia mtu akisema ameongeza bei ya sijui nini. Everyone just comes up with something they are raising. Unashindwa hawa mang’ombe wana akili kweli!
If ever there’s a time I am sure that education is useless among the boomers, it is now. Maybe that Gaitho chap has a point in blaming boomers for being stupid. And then that Machoge or something, the education guy… comes up telling us to be patient while showing all his 64 teeth, trying to fake a smile. Enyewe boomers ni wajinga hawasaidiki.