Lies lies of the 👿

HIV is fully donor funded, GoK input is the personell

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Kenyans are so used to figures being thrown around since Goldenberg times that no one cares anymore. It’s not like you can quote this, go and somehow get an audit of the MOH, take to court, prove a point and be rewarded for being a good citizen. Most (95% even) of news is actually irrelevant information because the average Kenyan can not act on it. EG Gari imeanguka Baringo, wewe unaishi Nairobi, umewatch kwa news, so? Pombe imemwagwa central, wewe unaishi Marsabit, unaiwatch uchukue hatua gani haswa na kuhusu nini?


Naweza penda niitwe Harambee na one of these gavament people, they cannot lie nikiwa hapo tutajibizana hata tukiwa kwa kanisa pasta adecide anataka pesa ya nani

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Personel is where you pay the highest bills. Try and put one person( professionally trained) in employment for a year, utalijua jiji.

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? Personnel takes about 30% of a budget. Pretty sure a large chunk goes to drugs procurement ARV, PEP, PrEP

75b?? Government officials pull out these figures from their asses and present them as facts to kenyans


By the time you take employment, training, leave, medical coverage … It comes to 60-65%.

No donor funded budget can have this for personnel, it’ll not pass. Personnel is around 30% and overheads capped at 10% of personnel costs.

Of course one will claim anything to qualify for a grant. Once they get it, will move some IT funds to payroll. 30% is a highly efficient company like those found in Japan. Rest of us have up to 60% waste: on the cell phone, surfing the web, taking long lunches, arguing about football, leaving early on Friday….

Then hope and pray they don’t perform audits, no one likes audits

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The gava gets caught all the time in those audits by donors.

A good number of Personnel in HIV/AIDS sector are in the NGO, ans also a good % of public sector Personnel who deals with the menace are funded by NGO.

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News should be 70% local/regional same as advertisements, an Okuyu residing in Molo has no business, listening to a supermarket in Nyeri being advertised.

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That’s government, let them find out in your organization. Utapelekwa mbio urudishe pesa. You recall govt begging Global Fund to continue being a donor after the kemsa scandal? I think they were refunded too, also Kenya Association of manufacturers tried the same wakaona mbio hawajawahi pelekwa