Libya under gadaffi

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You can give a human being everything, but if you do not grant them their rightful freedoms, you might as well start getting ready for a rebellion.


yeah @ruffneck.but is it not wiser if they retained gadaffi instead of Isis running their country.iguess its more dangerous than gadaffis we all know why France intervened,and that is because gadaffi wanted to introduce a gold it was Neva for the rights ya common mwananchi.


Why is it difficult to admit that Gadafi did not know when to quit?

The greatest mistake is to assume western style democracy can work in muslim countries where religion and clanism is supreme.

Negotiate democracy is the only way.


Because Libya will never ever ever be the same as it was during qadafis rule. Even the ’ free’ world does not have such provisions.
Do you know there were many Kenyans studying there and in Egypt at the time.
Sometimes I wish we have such a ‘strong’ and resolute dictator.
Perhaps this great nation of ours would be cured of some of these perennial diseases.
Fcuk democracy!


We had Moi for__ years. What happened was milking the country to the last drop

I get it; Gadafi was a saint and the west killed him for no reason. He gave his people the best life they will probably ever have. End of story. End of Libya too :D:D:D

The more democratic and liberal Kenya becomes, the richer the leadership gets at the expense of the ‘free’ Kenyans. The Asian tigers never got to where they are by fully embracing Western style democracy.


We need a Leader like HE Dr JP Magufuli to fight corruption in Kenya.

For the first time umedinya point

That’s mean.

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You mean a rebellion sponsored and maintained by the US, France & NATO, yes?

A human being can never be completely “free”?
I was arguing about this with someone about 2 years ago…and they said that Libya now has ‘liberty’

Talk about educated fools…


Benevolent (smart) dictator is what I would like…like Gadaffi but more astute to the way this world really works. He was headed in the right direction…

No a person who enters power through the gun will only leave through the gun, that is why the likes of Museveni and other army men are is still in power,Gaddafi had done a lot for Libya, were it not for the embargo in the eighties Libya could be having a higher per capita income and living standards than most western countries in the world,in spite of the sanctions put on Libya it still had one of the best HD index and per capita income in Africa,too bad the country had too much oil like Iraq, and the west had to find a way of controlling it by installing a puppet


Nope Democracy is the best system in the world that we have ever heard,it’s not perfect but good,mtu afanye 5-10 years aende zake,but democracy mixed with extreme capitalism is disaster, especially where the political elite are also the business elite,dictatorship is bad,problem in Kenya is that we still behave like we are in the congo forest and river nile with forest politics, kila saa KANU Juu,KANU juu kabisa next CORD tuko tayari ,JUBILEE tuko pamoja,we are extremely dumb and we cannot see beyond odinga,kenyatta and all these KANU orphans


Let me ask, freedom to do what? Let’s take America, the so-called land of democracy and freedom because they vote every four years. If you are black and male you can be shot by the police for driving. Is that freedom? You can’t get a job because of your colour, and you live in dilapidated neibahoods where there are gunfights every hour. Your children go to school in a run-down facility that once served as the county jail.

Even the Whites get screwed. Many wake up at 4 to commute four hours working in what are essentially slave shops owned by multinationals. Most can barely make ends meet, leave alone pay for their children’s college education. No wonder they divorce like shit and die from stress, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

So what is freedom? Voting every four years? I’d rather the freedom Gaddafi gave - freedom from hunger and want, free quality education and health care, social support when I need it etc etc…


Nimeshasema; Gadafi was a saint. He was killed for no reason by the west because the west went into Libya, lied to people that gadafi is a bad person and proceeded to kill him. :D:D:D

Gaddafi was not a saint,he killed many people and supported extremist groups in the world, and the likes of the jackal etc,but he knew how to put Americans,French and British people in their place and humiliate them and was a headache,he was a revolutionary and extreme like kina Miguna, so he had to go

even those thinking or potraying that the USA and britain are democratic are very wrong. its just that systems in those countries work

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