LGBTQIA+ rights and equality is a lie

The confusion of the people in this is so great i was not able to finish and i dare anyone of them to try debating a someone with common sense and the ability to elaborate eloquently, they shall quickly begin attacking character as they have no leg to stand on.

The sad thing is that they have been given a platform but they have not been given proper information! We should understand a few things.

  1. The rainbow is originally a symbol of the covenant that God had man that he shall not flood the earth again. Now the gay people have taken a beautiful representation of Gods love and relabelled it as pride the thing that God hates the most. That pride flag only grieves the Holy spirit as it is a clear mockery of his promise.

  2. The deceit of equality:
    The alphabet community is one of false love and acceptance, and really is a spite filled and anxious community that uses the guise of love and acceptance to present themselves as a innocent movement that are welcoming to all that will tolerate them. The reality is they have been tolerated years before they were granted their equal rights in the western world. They just want complete control because if you allow and oppressed group equal rights they will slowly turn that hand up to them using your kindness as an opportunity to pull you down as they rise. Look at the western world; The west have the most active gay communities and they really waste allot of public resources like calling police because they have been misgendered, calling for people to be thrown in jail over misgendering or having harmless jokes, I grew up in the uk and I dealt with racism but i could still and can still enjoy a racist joke. however try making a gay joke and see where that gets you. Allot of other black people here however will not allow racist jokes due to a victim mindset. Now we see people now misusing the word tolerance and slowly taking out everyday citizens right to free speech by way of censorship. Control what they cant say today control what they cannot thing tomorrow.

Equality is a sham, they have taken over everything in the western world and they provide zero value, most of us over here don’t even like having that crap shoved down our throats, but because we have bigger issues like generational wealth and other pressing issues we do not have time to be debating and protesting on the roads: they however do have time so when you give them an inch of room they will take that to mean you will eventually give them a mile. They started with equal rights here as it was also illegal but as we went on with our days they went on to then push for same rights, which aloud civil partnerships then they went to gay marriage then they went to ensuring that any kind of comment regardless of situation that is contrary to their agenda, E.G using the word gay as an insult, or (same example) misgendering someone, or praying outside an abortion clinic on public property in your head (the woman was not even praying out loud but in her head and she was arrested). all these will be held against you in a court of law because being gay is like a religion to these people they don’t allow you to misuse the term gay like a Muslim will not allow you to just misuse the word Allah. (I use Muslim and not Christian because Muslims teach violence against the infidels, where as Christians preach love) if you want to see the sad state of their tyrannical rule please watch the following videos below.

Pray earnestly that the leaders of the country do not give in because i promise you that if they allow this nonsense to take even a small foothold in the country then all that will happen is corruption to a degree that we will hope our children will never have to see.

PS. To all the Faggots that believe that being gay and all that is a normal thing in creation then why in homosexual marriages do we have person always rolplaying as a woman and another as a man? if it was natural one would not need to be the female and one to be the male (dom and sub) just like lesbians should not feel the need to be penetrated any deeper that a fingers length… Accept that you are broken and that you need therapy and deliverance and im not being nice or kind cause I sincerly have no compassion as i am working on that also. Look how the media will also twist the events that occur here. He was not jailed as he was innocent

From doing the research I also see they love to talk about we need our own space but are happy to invade other peoples spaces, the last people to behave in such an oppressive manner were the nazi’s! they come into church and use the law to try and force change yet they will look at the preachers stood on publicl property in their communities as animals and call it harassment and make all wild things up to silence us.

They ban him but try and ban them from churches and you will see. His name is David lynn by the way check his youtube channel

Do you really think its wise to offer a platform for such people or should we start a gofundme to send this one to a mental hospital.

This is utter nonsense, give them even an equal footing and they will cripple the economic growth. USA is being caught by china because china does not waste time with these things and is efficient. American politicians have to sit and waste time trying to make sense of nonsensical ramblings of a confused individual.

Also for those that Identify as “Non-binary” with pronouns as (They/Them), just know that legion in the bible that controlled a whole territory and caused 2000 swine to drown was also known by plurals and caused the farmer (business owner) near by that tolerated His presence to lose a lot of money so if you don’t care please care about your wallet. No value comes from them and none shall ever come from the parasite known as LGBT.