So apparently now we have gay people out here wamejificha kwa closet. Its said that dj fatxo and his accomplices walibomoa mtu kabat before throwing him down from the 10th floor. We have closet gays huku nje. @PHARMACY you should be castrated hatutaki more gays out here. What would make a man be obsessed with another man’s asshole?

The need to dominate and destroy.

that was some tragic shit…

Whats wrong about dominating and destroying pussy

Ongeza mbitika kama chief bottom

Y’all do realize that it’s not only gays who have anal sex? We have a large number of straight people who are bicurious and not necessarily gey.

Kama ni ya mwanaume… Hio ni gey…


Women are the weaker sex. Dominating a man is the real deal.

Sema tu gey iishe. This shit is gey.

Ukibomoa mwanaume kabat you are gay! Wewe promoter wa LGBTQ hujui aje hii maneno?

Niliomba babako mcoondur ? Nmekuomba mcoondur ? Kama unataka kutombwa buy a cucumber and shove it up your guts . Uzuri hautapata syphilis Kama Ile mcoondur ya @cortedivoire

Seems @Kuna Vitu Sipendi Kuna vitu anapenda Kama kutiwa mcoosh cucumber:D:D:D @kanguthu or @magreb will sort you for free boss

Sick mofos, all

@PHARMACY is a AIDs infested bottom homosexual selling anus in mlolongo

@Thirimaii why?

The hardiness, doesn’t vibrate much during siekete

What do you mean:eek::eek:

Slevyn wacha siasa :smiley: