LGBTQ mafuckers

They are slowly pushing the paedophile agenda, like what WTF

Fek them!

Wtf is this :mad:





Hata wa animal husbandry na wakudinya migomba watalia wapewe rights zao.

How are Pedophiles LGBT???
And you do realize ALL you have posted are Right Wing Christian propaganda nonsense that was used before 2015 in a bid to claim LGBT are child molesters before gay marriage was made legal in the US???
First of all LGBT does not equal Pedophile.Many LGBT are parents.You think they want their children raped??
Also most pedophiles are Heterosexual.97% of them.
Starting with those Nduthi owners taking advantage of standard 8 pupils in Nyanza.
And child marriage supporters from Narok to Kilifi.
Those ones.

We are conveniently forgetting about the gay sodomising priest and imams, who prey on the kids.

Sadly its the reality,
I could post more but its disgusting to say the least

Umetetea wasenge sana. Kuna vile…? Au wacha tu.

Lawd!!You do realize that LGBT are allowed to adopt in most of the Western world.
Also that many fathers kiss their kids on the lips almost everywhere except Africa and East Asia.
ESPECIALLY Latin Americans
This is like saying the way Russians kiss on the lips and Arabs greet each other equates to a gay couple.

sick in the head

I wonder if Wangari Maathai was a tree acting as a human given that she stripped on their behalf
It is a matter of debunking myths.
And purging the Victoria out of Africans

Imams wameingilia wapi? I thought that was a priest specialty.

It was in the news some time back. In those madrasa schools pale msa

Unataka kusema imams hawaseketi ndiasa? mashetani wale kwanza ni mapedo n they should be castrated

There’s a BIG difference between an Imam and a Madrassa teacher. An Imam is in charge of mosque and is the one who leads prayers while a Madrassa teacher is basically a teacher for young students. Not that it makes it okay but there’s a difference between the two. Anyone can be a Madrassa teacher it’s just similar to a Sunday school teacher. Nevertheless it’s so rare to hear the Muslim fraternity involved with that shit, I personally have never heard of it. No need to take out your frustrations on the wrong issue, go fix your internationally known priest pedophiles.

Have you been to Lamu wewe?

Hapa I’m not letting the Catholic Church off the hook.
Too much has been hidden for way too long.