LGBT Bill set to ban boy/girl sections in retail stores in California

The bill, [B]AB 1084[/B], was just introduced into the California legislature late last month by Assemblymembers which aims to do away with gendered signage in big department stores of 500+ employees.

hivi ndio mzungu race itaenda extinct , they have fertility issues and declining population and they want similar genders to cohabit , si wataisha…nikama nature is selecting them out of the gene-pool pole pole through stupid ideas like LGBT … they are a destructive breed of humans and nature is getting rid of them , covid was very severe to people with neanderthal genes , who are mostly non african… africans are dieing of underlying issues mostly…

…hawa watu si full binadamu wako na 96% homo-sapien genes (with 4% neanderthal genes ) while sisi tuko na 100% homo sapien DNA (with 0% neanderthal genes ) , …clearly sisi si kabila moja na hawa watu , 0.01 % difference in DNA could give you a new tail or a second a*shole …so 4% DNA difference should not be taken lightly … @Ndindu

if you do not believe this knowledge about neanderthals and you think wazungus are gods and your own children are inferior monkeys …pick your phone and research it …and be ashamed for accepting that you are an inferior monkey @Akon City

anza hapa wikipedia


i prefer ‘scientist’ …This info is easily accessible pale wikipedia …it’s science and am just sharing knowledge ndio omwafrika ajijue

wikipedia :

So wikipedia is a reference for scientists… waah, how are we even relating

i mean its general knowledge… mpaka iko easily accessible pale wikipedia

wikipedia :

Dude, we can’t and shouldn’t relate; too low IQ

hii maneno inakuuma sana juu you know its true… if you trust DNA to check kama mtoto ni wako , then why dont you aknowledge that this DNA explanation is true ? …ni wazungu wenyewe wamesema they are 4% neanderthal , sio sisi …

It’s stupidity and nonsense, trying to defy nature. Boys and girls are the natural order of things, not some indeterminate 3rd “gender” created by some confused minds. Anything else is unnatural and should be corrected. Some of these things are solid facts so obvious they should not even be debated on.

Between 1995 to current… female empowerment sidelined boys. Now grown men want to be female because it is more convenient. Its like a virus piggybacking on the idea of personal freedoms

Msee you must be one dumb motherfvcker, tafuta all the conspiracy theories you want but it doesn’t change reality kwa ground. Wakoloni landed on our shores and found bonobos living in mudhuts and not the other way round so just shut your meno brown mouth blady fakin

this is not a conspiracy theory , its science from mzungus …I just showed you facts and figures and evidence . My point is that ukishajua this knowledge , you will realise that black man is not inferior and we are not bonobos

…wajinga kama wewe have been brainwashed to think africans are inferior and you believed it …you niggas should reaaly read up on your black history , africans achieved alot b4 wazungu came…

na umejiita bonobo , so you look at your children and see monkeys …unajiheshimu kweli ?

click here fool : Neanderthal - Wikipedia

You are quoting wikipedia… we need atleast three works published in a respected journal

Don’t elaborate hata …just post the database links

i reference wikipedia , the links you want ziko hapo tu wikipedia …alafu , Wazungu walipima DNA yao and found they have neanderthal genes…they then sequenced fossils from neanderthals and found the same genes … sikukuwa hapo .

Science / history.

Neanderthals were inferior to homo sapiens , they had inferior tools , had limited speech and limited brain capability …they interbred with black homo sapiens and their children were called aryans , the aryans watched others biulding mesapotamia , hindus and egyptian civilisations and finally invaded them from the caucus mountains… This is how the indus empire and mesapotamia fell …egypt civilisation experienced a decline but rebounded… google and see…

This is still pedestrian

sikuletei links na uko na google search …the best i can do is this video by ’ wazungu scientists’ explaining everything…

utawauliza wakuletee links pia ?

As usual Africans will start copying things pole pole.

africans are not this liberal , hii maneno itakataliwa…

This is one area where people should stay woke. This LGBT is real evil in action. The writing is on the wall for all people of good will on earth. When a society no longer asks itself questions of right or wrong it is in a very precarious place, and is in danger of destroying itself, not just morally, but substantively as a thriving progressive social unit. Since the dawn of time, all societies worthy of that name begin with the family unit as we know it. That is what is being destroyed by this amoral movement. When the family is destroyed, nations are destroyed by the multiplication effect. This is definitely wrong, so the family unit needs to be preserved, with no apologies whatsoever.