LGBT activist murdered


Tverseti kuja hapa uomboleze ndugu CC to @kimakia arume, @Nachunisha Majamaa Sukuma

Who dunnit.? Round up the usual suspects

To me,death to any LGBT crusader deserves a massive celebration. By the way is that baggy mouth edited ?.

Hizo ni wide lips ama ni fotoduka?

Kumeza miti kubwa kubwa ikapanuka

Celebrating someones death is wrong:(

she should have remained a regular whore instead of being an alphabet crusader, lgbt in kenya is a luxury for celeb faggots who want to make a point to appease mijungus ,

that anger tells us you’re struggling with your homosexuality…

Tuheshimiane buda

Activists are walking matyrs

:smiley: we will burn u in hell ghassia

That i know but respect me and my career while am here on earth.
Sisi hatukuingiliagi in your conning people business.

The wages of sin is death.


Mbwa ghasia takataka

Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.