LG Vs Samsung, Who Has The Best Quality?

Samsung is the bigger one but LG churns out better quality stuff than Samsung. That is just how it is.

I came to this conclusion back in the days of DVD players and DVD writers. A Samsung DVD player would sometimes not read a disk due to a minor scratch but the same disk on an LG player played like new.

Fast forward to today. LG Displays offer FAR much better quality images than their Samsung rivals, LG is the king of 4K and 8K


The only sector that Samsung outdoes LG is the Smartphone segment. LG washing machines have motors that last a lifetime, they are equivalent to European brands Bosch and Philips.

LG plays all video formats, hii debate tulimaliza.

Hapo kwa washing machines you are as true as your sweet mcoosh.

like, ni ukweli mtupu

My LG washing machine has lasted over a decade, with no repairs, whatsoever, i see new cute ones (and the price really fell) and wish mine fails so that i can grab the new futuristic looking ones

Apart from teli which Samsung takes hands down, hio upuuus ingine yote ni LG any day.

wewe unajua nini sasa

Hata TV, LG beats Samsung 10-0. Kwanza their Smart TV Operating Systems ni noma mbaya sana.

Samsung ni simu tu wako poa na maybe meli za Kubebea crude oil (Super Tankers)

Tell him to wake up and smell your Ayrab mcoosh

Don’t get me started about LG’s magic remotes.
I will never go back to the traditional ones

Another very promising company was NEC but their delay to adopt change relegated them to obscurity. NEC were very innovative in the 1990s and ealry 2000s but now they are just like Nokia. They make nice terminal displays for airports and the like.


Nimalisie hio takataka

Kukamua ngamia banae …

South Korean perfection.

LG has some great electronics

True. I swear by LG TV

LG electronics are built to last for longer compared to Samsung. The only thing Samsung makes with seriousness are mobile phones. Nothing else.