Lg LED TV 32 Inch 20k

You can watch 1080p on your 5inch phone, 17 inch laptop au 32inch TV, simple math will tell you the phone will have the best resolution and the TV comes in last

…Fiund macho… guka mtu huuliza mwanzo…

This shit don’t make no sense bro. Price of electronics depreciates unless it’s a 1900’s classic

They keep saying next month, next month since June so we’ll wait kiasi. The mall is almost done anyway so I would give an estimate of Nov. They would not want to miss out on the Christmas money :D:D:D

SMH! Wacha ushamba!
Pioneer kuro?
Panasonic st & vt series TV?
Bonus -Renault clio v6?

Stupid cow.
There is no way a manufacturer will sell something at $80 then a few years or months later sell the SAME EXACT MODEL i.e. not a new model at $300 when better tech is being pushed out month by month. The only scenario here is if you bought Chinku then saw the price for the originals or bought from a thief. Hiyo enda undanganye watu wa kijiji yenu.

If you are a smart asssss why didn’t you check the prices of the above and revert? Ile kelele mingi ukonayo betrays your “dumpness” Fala manga! Punguza ukijiji. Do your research!