Lg g5 32gb

Im selling my lg g5 at a throw away price
4gb ram
32gb rom
5.3inch full hd
Dual wide angle 16mp camera
Asking 14k

unge register OLX badala ya huku

Rudishia mwenyewe simu.

hizi ndio zile za bootloop?
also, what’s your usual handle

Really had a terrible experience with this phone particularly battery life and the camera ain’t helping either.

I can find better stuff in jumia around that same price range

I know man, this phone’s battery is crap!

Za bootloop ni g4, this phone is decent lakini battery life ni shit!

Na siuende ununue bas

@ambassador hapa huwezi saidika , Kijiji imejaa mbillionaires ( peasants )


When I contacted LG kenya back in the day about a battery replacement they told me the phone wasn’t officially launched in this part of the world and therefore no spares in their shops. I had to trade in with an s7 edge topping up with 5k.

Kulikua na ingine think it was G3 ridiculously slim with a very large screen problem was that it’s price was also ridiculously low Kumbe the issue was with the battery…
Within a few months of it being launched kila mtu alikua nayo was struggling kuuza olx was full of ads for this phone. Seems the designers went over board in trying to get a ridiculously slim phone compromising the battery capacity

Yea the screen was 5.5 quad HD display powered by around 3000mah battery. I like Huawei coz they’ve stuck with 1080p
IPS displays which play a huge role in power consumption while delivering good images.

Hahaha itabaki nimeipiga bei ya jioni

Ni dual Sim?

Yeah dual sim

G3 fucked me up. LG nitanunua Fridge pekee

Afadhali kubuy Tecno Pouvoir2 5000maH na iko na Mediatek (hoyeeeee)