level 4&5 public hospitals

What criteria is used in ranking hospitals?

Is it based on administrative locations, infrastructure,or political influence?

egzampo in kiambu kaunti ,kihara level 4 does not have an ICU unit
Kiambu district hospital is also level 4 but is better equipped
The new gatundu hospital level 4 is way much equipped
Why is thika level 5?

Hii ni kenya. Even our most important highway, Mombasa-Nairobi is a single carriageway.

At what point should it be Dual Carriageway? That road is never that busy.

Never understood why, waiting eagerly for that sgr, the trucks are just overwhelming on the highway .
It will take time to develop the roads ,tutangoja tu.

salimia ule boy wetu mungich mjadhe

Price of democracy. It depends on your governor and county assembly interests. County is entitled to 1 level 5 hospital and others are supposed to be Level 4 hospitals. So the governor would prefer Thika, so Thika it is. Previously the best hospital there was Kiambu district hospital but let that take a backseat for now. Now county assembly says no, tunataka kihara because huko kuna interest yetu. Lastly the former Gatundu Mp is now President and back in 2011 as an MP he convinced China to upgrade the small hospital there to world class standards. Gatundu Hospital is now almost a referral hospital. Same is happening all over Kenya from Kisii, Eldoret etc

can’t relate how this comment helps the post…

To massage local egos

You are irrelevant in that respect.

Ushaona ile jam imekuwa Taru several times this year?

Most (not all) L5Hs are former PGHs, L4Hs former District Hospitals, etc.