Letter to Admin, Mods et al...

I have only been away in period of less than 24 hours, and when I logged in to K-Talk, (viewing All Threads has always been my favorite link), but alas, there are more than 4 pages of threads to go through in a period of less than 24 hours!!!

What’s happening and why the floodings of threads? This thing called KCr is making the kijiji more and more tasteless.

Where is that hashtag of #FerkAdmin

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Wapi @Jazzman leta ile picha yetu ya kupigia mbuzi guitar i seem to have misplaced it!

Tulielezwa forums evolve new members join those old members who feel disgruntled can politely exit piece of advice siz just choose your threads carefully since our request for vip section where only elders and above can hangout have clearly been ignored

@Chloe endelea kupiga guitar…


Hizi ndizo design za @admin


Evolution right there. Admin nw happy

Admin alisema hii sio nursing home. Wazee wajipe shughuli.

Haukuona threads kadhaa kama hii yako? Wewe ndo unaflood site na hii topic imekuwa kama wimbo hapa

Admin is giving free airtime to post so you should expect that.

Am the official distributor of KCr, unataka ngapi?

Hata mimi there was a thread I was watching at three pm. I came back at five and found it’s moved to page two and I was cool with it. A little advice though, instead of whining about how bad things have gotten come up with a list of suggestions of what you think could be better – addressed directly to admin. Should @admin ignore that then we’ll know he’s half robot half asshole and we can all decide what to do about it individually. As it is, you just came in with an electric guitar to the concert…

What’s wrong with having new members join, growth is good. I have gone through the threads and more than 70% of the threads are by older members of the community.

@Jazzman Wacha ubaguzi. There was a time niliitisha hii picha yako ukanikazia. Mbona hivyo msee wetu WA uotp :slight_smile:

Lakini hata wewe una story . There are some buttockless talks launched by NV like" I wanting to date my mother and I find her pretty".sikuona ukipiga hiyo ghasia kalamu. I know mko biashara but alittle bit of integrity won’t hurt ama?

Since time immemorial most weekdays we had not less than 50 threads daily, maybe you can grab a random date in January and check or even in Feb or March. The only slow day in ktalk is Saturday. Nothing weird.

@Abba if you got them hots for @Jazzman usizilete hapa. Umeona huyu KDF mwitu wapi kwa post yangu… Mogaka?

Sasa @admin

wink wink

We dont have a problem with NVs coming in and contributing and rise up the ranks. After all, we all did it. But as it is, your new stupid KCr has caused an influx of rubbish posts that are mere facebook status posts and nonsensical polls.
You sir, are a moron.

You cannot ban everyone because some don’t agree with them. Some of you wanted Kihii banned at first. If one was meant to stay they will stay. We were all newbies in forums at some point but with time we learnt the ropes

Sawa . You got sense though . Agreed

Mimi na yeye ni uotp damu na naheshimu his contribution . Endelea kuvuta nyasore. Uliza @Eng’iti na @KayF wakuambie hiyo ni nini