Letter Stolen From Trump's Desk

[SIZE=5]Read the stolen letter from Trump’s desk reported in Bob Woodward’s book [/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]By Marshall Cohen and Jamie Gangel, Updated 2106 GMT (0506 HKT)
September 6, 2018 [/SIZE]


In an attempt to discredit Bob Woodward’s new book, President Donald Trump said
Wednesday that he “read another phony thing in the book about a trade deal that certain people didn’t want me to look at.” But CNN has obtained a copy of the book, and here is the letter. The document is reproduced in Woodward’s book and is an example of how top White House aides would steal and hide documents from Trump that they believed to be a danger to national security.

In this case, former White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn swiped the draft letter off the Oval Office desk to prevent Trump from signing it, terminating a critical trade agreement with South Korea. Woodward reports Cohn was “appalled” that Trump might sign the letter. “I stole it off his desk,” Cohn told an associate. “I wouldn’t let him see it. He’s never going to see that document. Got to protect the country.” The document, from September 2017, would have informed the South Korean government that the United States “wishes to terminate” the free trade agreement between the two countries that has been in place for six years.

Woodward reports that White House aides feared that if Trump sent the letter, it could jeopardize a top-secret US program that can detect North Korean missile launches within seven seconds.


Who wrote or dictated the letter, and why would Drumpf not know that he hadn’t signed it?

Kassin, Apparently Trump’s memory is not what it used to be. He drafted it to his staff, probably in one of his murderous rages and never realized that he didn’t sign nor send it, after it was stolen.

Some of this stuff sounds like pure fiction. But it is quite possible that his obsession with foreign trade may have blinded him and caused him to ignore everything else, Including other non-trade agreements with South Korea.


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