Letter by Kenyatta university council to head of public service Kinyua



Unakataa amri ya mkubwa wako alafu bado unaitisha further guidance. The last paragraph imenibamba, but I know nothing.
Lawyers, who has the final decision? Nimeona several laws/acts being quoted but I believe kunakuwanga na clause mahali ya kuosha everything.

We have been told that Martha Karua is a staunch defender and stickler to the law and to the Constitution.

She needs to speak up on this matter to assure us that she will fight for the law to be followed to the letter on this matter.

If she does so, then she will join the ranks of Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai who fought for the environment and the rule of law without caring about threats from the high and mighty.

Stickler of what? Of Raila was to win the elections,the first person to be kicked out and made of no effect in govt will be Martha Karua.

This is a golden moment to split Azimio

ITS a polite way of saying “Fuck off!” that’s what I learned from my communication lecturer

Please, read this a comment on a thread by @ahmednasirlaw



Wanataka gula.

The same person that among other things took a bribe from BAT and oversaw& defended a rigged election?:D:D:D:D

Kenya will never run out of comedians.

the university is right.