Let's Watch 90% Kenyan Content! Especially on Platforms like Youtube! There is a Kenyan Youtube Channel for almost Everything!

I love Cars utanipata Carnversations!

Let’s earn the COUNTRY from Youtube! They have Billions of Dollars!

I am proud of what Eric Omondi is doing!

I also do my best to support Kenyan content creators.

I recommend Afrikan Traveller & Miss Trudy.

Honorable non Kenyan mentions are Wode Maya and Taiyo Aina.

Broooo…Nasema Kenyan Content and and you are here promoting Nigeria! What the fuck is wrong with you man??? THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG! You can’t mention Wode Maya here and fail to mention Adventure Singh!


That’s why I said “Honorable non Kenyan mentions”.

but yeah adventure singh also has okay content.

That’s much better!

Kenyan online content is great, it’s the main media houses who go pick crap for their audiences.

However, for some kind of content I’d rather watch foreign guys, there’s nothing to compare with say Grandtour or Top Gear etc. when it comes to motoring content locally

Hata kwa education space huwezi pata channels zenye ziko level ya watu kama polymatter , wendover productions , Jake Tran etc…

I watch Hollywood movies on YouTube