Let's try military

Oh no. Military yetu imejaa D-.


Tema hio mate, jambazi amefanya 50,% ya all we asked we should leave him alone now. No other politician is BALLular enough to lead stupid Kenyans . Ni RUTO tu


Military ni worse.

Some countries went military and they wished to have their murderous dictator back. Military should never be allowed to sniff power even a little bit


Traore ni mshamba.

Why gloves in office?

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Meno mapengo ndio wamejaa. No difference na nabii

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the military has nothing but disdain for the “raia” but once they have a taste of civilian power, they never want to let go.

wakae kwa barracks ama wakifanya press ups na drill.

halafu wakizeeka waende retire.

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ni umwere inamsumbua.

Ruto has ceded enough ground. Let him now give us a clean lean cabinet and be tough as he implements laws to curb corruption and wastage. If he does so, I will wake up at 2:30am in 2027 and vote for him

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Brare fakin you never learn despite two years of zero accomplishment from him.

Research history ya JSKS uone ata choo hajawai jenga. Cabinet will be full of losers like JoWhore and ODM loyalists and Gen Z will reject them.

Ruto is a non performer and even if given a hundred years, he won’t achieve anything. Solution ni maandamano hadi atoke.


Watanona zaidi Acha wanyonge :monkey: pale kambi vaseline ni mob

Umeanza tena? @PERDITION ona sasa umeamsha shifo tena!!



This is not a joke, Chief. He should never have held that office at all in the first place, it’s extremely tragic. Any other thought is insanity.

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Huyu jamaa ni wazimu I thought he was smart kumbe ni fala.

We warned him 2022 akaona sisi ni mafala akaenda akachagua Zakayo. Sasa si umeona ufala anaandika hapa. Makes me wonder how the brain or some Kenyans is like

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it’s like asking a donkey to stop rolling in the dirt.


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