Let's Talk Salaries

How much do the following professionals earn in Kenya? You can give a salary range if you know. Najua hakuna fixed income so you can give a range.

Accountants at Big 4 firms?? 200k

University Lecturers and Professors?? 500k

Doctors and surgeons?? 500k

Lawyers?? 300k

Engineers?? 10k :D:D

Software developers?? 400k

Bank Branch Managers?? 400k

Lanye like @Cross Fire 's mom?? 150

I once read an article about the highest paying professions kule Yues and the top ones were all in the medical/healthcare field.

Umesahau kusema living salary inafaa kuwa 100mirrions net monthly

Mbona ma profs and lecturers hukaa wamesota?

Procurement manager Ako sawa kabisa

How do they survive without 10’s of millions monthly?

100’s of mirrions to be precise

Jamaa wa procurement pale counties wanakula with a big spoon banae…unofficially oscof

The top doctors and surgeons in Kenya earn more than 1M in a month. Utapata mtu ni surgeon ama daktari Kenyatta hospital na bado utampata Aga Khan. Some doctors even have a clinic in their area of expertise.

There are lecturers who teach part-time.
For example, Danstan Omari is a part-time lecturer at CUEA yet he’s one of the top advocates in Kenya.
So anakula salary ya lecturer na bado anakula pesa za law firm.

The same thing with most lecturers at KSL. Unakuwa na class mbili per week lakini unalipwa 200k. Alafu hiyo masaa ingine anashughulikia clients kwa law firm.

In fact, if you have a law firm, you could make 30k in a month or even 1M plus in a month – it depends on your clients. They also apply for consultancy tenders to offer legal services to NGOs, private institutions and government institutions.

The top software developers in Kenya are making between 500k to 1M in a month. However, to make that kind of money you have to work for companies that are based outside of Kenya with the same salary range as abroad.

Sijui maneno mingi about accountants na bank managers. But I’ve met engineers and architects who are making fuck you money on big tenders in private and government sector.

How much money you make in a profession is all about how you position yourself.

yao sio mshahara

Wewe unakuanga Na kazi kwanza?

is the OP talking about the amount of money one can make or the ‘legal’ salary? kuna kanjo mshahara ni 60k per month but they make even 5m plus per month

Zii, sina kitu ya kuibwa

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Big variables in Kenya are:

International company vs local (international pays way more)
Opportunity for embezzlement (here the income will be way more than the salary)
Opportunity for side hustles (some jobs eg radio/TV presenter give ample time for side hustles)

:D:D:D engineer @kanguthu kuja uchangie huu mswada…unakanjwa 10k babaa? Hata maraya wa Sabina Joy wanakafunga kukushinda

It all depends on the employer.
We have accountants earning 50k and others 500k.
We have doctors earning 150k and others 600k.
Mambo ni kujipanga kwa job market and know strategic positioning, as indicated above.

Kitambo I used to think people earning over six figures were special but that is not the case. Some people earn a lot with very poor output whole others earn peanuts with incredible outputs.

Hiyo salary ya software developers ni kiasi especially kama anafanya na international companies. That’s basically a junior dev

Na yues kazi ya kupanguza ni 200k weekly. Wueeh!

Some years back i was shocked to learn that a certain operations manager at one of the konyangis firms earns 1.5m monthly na company vehicle(prado) na company house na anasomeshewa watoi…lakini those top managers walifinya factory workers mbaya…anyway job ya contract ndio poa Kenya hii ikipatikana… iko na free time but mostly you have to be offering specialised skills

I know of a white guy heading one of their companies with such benefits. Couldn’t it be another company run by a black?

Lecturers in Kenya make a net of 150K per month, teaching assistants of 92,000 a month, Professors net is around 280k.