Let's Talk EMobility in Kenya


Kenya pawa are hosting the emobility conference pale KICC can pass by kama uko taon na umeboeka ujionee magari ya stima. The question is, is this something that’s going to hold or will be a passing fad especially in Africa, Kenya? In the context of the global space and the happenings in the ev space, and its shrinking and given we will import all the ev vehicles, what does that mean for us? Tesla has scrapped plans for the affordable Tesla, Toyota is dilly dallying on going fully electric, UK has pushed back its date on vehicle electrification and EU will follow suit, our main import market for vehicles Japan is still very much fossil fuelled, will we turn to China to be out import market for ev vehicles? Truth be told China makes vehicles that Africa can afford, we can’t afford the Tesla’s and other market EVs.

Coming to the local market, I see there’s a bill proposing for ev chargers for new housing developments, malls and parkings to have ev chargers. Who will shoulder the cost for nationwide/highways charging infrastructure? KPLC, KenGen, Ketraco? I know there’s a public ev charger at Total Limuru Rd that I’ve never seen it being used, the EV buses go to charge at some garage, and ROAM are putting up charging stations for nduthi at Quickmart with their flagship at Quicmart Roysambu and the partnership with the Ampersand with Shell for battery swapping, and haven’t seen many of the electric nduthis around.

So it’s either they’re playing a very long game, and taking on the infrastructure risk as they wait for ev vehicles to be affordable enough for the African market, and the tax policy to make them more attractive compared to the fossil fueled ones. Or it may blow up in their face as a strategy for revenue diversification. They have bought 2 ev vehicles at 9mirrions each (KPLC) as an example to other govt agencies but will it stick? That is the question: Do they build the infrastructure on a hope and a prayer that EVs will be adopted, or do they wait for a critical mass of EVs to be adopted to build out the infrastructure to reduce the risks? Who blinks first?

wale watu huuza magari za stima kenya, gari zao hutumia mafuta ya kawaida. ao wadosi wa kenya power hawatumii gari za umeme kama personal vehicles. Kama wao wenyewe wameona manufaa ya gari za umeme, kwa nini hawazitumii?

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Si kampuni imenunua gari mbili za stima to lead the way for other gavament agencies and departments to follow suit

waste of taxpayer funds.

KPLC are seeing it as an opportunity for revenue diversification, the only problem is the risk associated with it, eg between Mombasa and Nairobi they need atleast 5 ev charging stations for the journey and range anxiety. And ensure that they are 100% uptime

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@Ngimanene-Na-matharo, hii story ya EV is a passing pungent smelling fart kama Covid. Like I’ve said in the streets of this village before, EV is old, abandoned tech. Battery tech has not improved since batteries were invented in all their forms. EVs as a means of mobility can only work if the device can contunuously tap in to an inexhaustible source of electricity, like the way electric trains do; an impossible task for flexible, autonomous movement.

Unless a radical change happens in the form of transmission of electricity direct to EV, the future of mass transport is Diesel (the most enegy-dense, thermal efficient and cleanest burning fuel we currently have).

Wazito wa global warming wamesema lazima diesels and fossil fuel cars ziondoke and have roped in jabass, uliona akiendesha kadudu akaacha guzzler. Though EV have penetrated Norway with 90% market share and it seems to work there

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Hao wazito wataongea na watachoka. Wamejaribu kukazia wakulima wa EU na story za Nitrates pollution, imebackfire. Huko yukay, madereva wamekataa upuzi wa EV mandates. Ya jabass ilikuwa VFX tu. In Norway the reason EV works is (I think) because they naturally don’t travel great distances and the country is flat (EVs love flat areas and short distances).

There’s a point where human laws can’t beat physics and nature. EVs are not happening narturally as a progression/evolution to what currently exist; they are being forced on us. Whoever is pushing EVs as an alternative to petroleum is fighting a losing battle.

I thought emobility meant these dogomothis

Nilisema hapa mara ELFU.

Blecks WILL never accomplish much because everything that we use is borrowed. Religion, currency, Capitalism, weapons, education system EVERYTHING.

Hata hiyo stima ni yakuomba from GE, Mitsubishi, Vestas. Upepo na steam ni zetu but tutalipia hadi tufe.

Na sasa akili pungiani Negro ameletewa ushoga ili kupungza population yake na ameupokea


2/3 of Norway is mountainous it’s not flat.

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ao wazito hulipa policy makers wetu pesa mingi ndio tuuzwe watoto wetu wakuwe slaves

Affordability and infrastructure is what will matter in urban Kenya and developing countries ev will have a market however when it comes to heavy haulage vehicles, tractors, shipping, flying and train locomotives for cargo then fossil fuels are going nowhere then remember our grid will also need more baseload energy that really means coal if ev is to be adopted at scale no way current grid will be able to support mass ev adoption

KPLC honchos are looking for tender gravy from charging infrastructure. First, the company is nowhere near exhausting the available electricity market. For instance, a very small fraction of the population uses electricity for cooking. Maybe this should be the first target if the objective is to increase revenue. Further, the company foregoes almost 10% of earnings due to power outages while posting system power losses of about 24%. Secondly, who will buy new electric cars costing more than normal cars that Kenyans cannot afford in the first place?

So are Kenya Pawa putting the cart before the :racehorse:?

EV has no future. Ford has shifted to hybrid vehicles.

I know they’ve been trying to get people to take up induction cooker, and electric pressure cookers too and yes the induction cookers are much much faster than gas , shida is the perception that cooking with electricity is expensive

Didn’t they just launch the electric f150? Ama market slapped them to reality?

Cooking with electricity is prohibitively expensive.

Have you used an induction cooker?