Let's talk debt since it is in the national psyche.

I fully believe debt is not a terrible thing to have. On the bright side it shows you are an optimistic person and have confidence you will be able to pay it off and consequently the lenders also trust you enough to let you to borrow. I currently have no debt, blessings to TMH, but I am not going to stay like that for long because I need a loan to get into farming hata kama it’s chicken sijakataa.

I owe myself money.

Hakuna kitu mbaya kama shida. Tuliachana nayo 2011

huna deni hata ndogo? gari ulinunua cash?

Nikona ferrari na si ya deni. Pengine you ask the mhindi guy @uwesmake

hapa tuko online you can choose to be anything, mimi ni astronaut nimewahi enda moon mara tatu na niko na mansion huko.

I cant see “non of the above” choice


Upuss.kila mtu ako na deni.gui

Right now sina unless school loan ya bibi is considered my deni. Fununu zinasemekana wewe huwakacha kabla hujalipia mthungutho. I’m sure wanakudai

I think the 2 who claim to owe between 1-7M wako na mortgage.

I owe @Female Perspective 3k + 15% gratuity

If you have no debt you will never grow financially.