Lets talk about HIV/AIDS

Was just chatting with a clinical med officer, an old pal of mine na amenishow kenya we are loosing a whole generation to this monster. I asked him why, akasema:

  1. Nobody talks about HIV anymore, ata ma NGO ni pesa tu za awareness wanakula. So we have a whole generation of young adults born after 1995 who cant comprehend the deadliness of this disease. Kazi yao ni kutombana raw tu

  2. ARVs are making sick people appear even more healthy than 100% healthy people. For instance, hio kitu inapea wanawake matako sana…wewe unadhani umeangukia unaslide in raw halafu inabaki story

  3. Normalization of alcohol, clubbing and drunken sex. Hapa uneaza uliza majamaa wa uber watakuchapia story vizuri.

Wadau, nko na swali…especially nyinyi dryfry veterans na wazito wa chipsfunga…how do u guys negotiate these streeets, still have fun and be safe? Ama mnapima na macho tu?

HIV remains a hard virus to catch. Kaa uko nayo pole.

Hiv funding by donors ilipitwa na wakati…kama una mdudu kufa polepole

LETs talk about Climate change

AIDS vs Diabetes, Heart ailment, Malaria, and Cancer, which one is taking more people to the grave.

How is it hard to catch if one is innocent? his/her undoing is having a promiscuos partner?:rolleyes:

Ango nappy seal alisema chances ya kupata mdudu ni 0.00000069 %
Katambe nanii


Situation kwa ground ni different mboss


HIV prevalence in Kenya is high among the youths 15-24 years, 51% of newly diagnosed cases come from this age.

Sex workers are the first when it comes to transmission of the virus.

Ukijipiga hapo kifua vyenye unadish out pudesh za hawa young adults jua ukona high chances za kupata mdudu, these young people have multiple sex partners, show me one that has one partner and is faithful and I’ll show you a yellow goat

I cringe sometimes when dryfry artists post their escapades, people don’t fear HIV kwa hii kijiji

Don’t believe anything you read here my friend. They just chasing clout

Tulisema kuvaa cd ni kutomba cd na si dame
Tukasema mbona ukule kitu unashuku
So tukapitisha ukitaka kumanga dame manga dame si cd

In other words, kula kitu umeamini na inaaminika raw

Na nikajiambia nitastick kwa my own, Ju arabs hatuna mdudu

Na nikawaambia, kila mtu akule kwao ndio msichafue kwetu

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D blame it on the social media …these young girl want to live for the gram…But mimi si ukimwi yunishtua sana with different sexual partners …what scares me the most is the demons they carry…Ive come to believe that the person you sleep with anaweza kuletea swara zingine hazipo.I remember once in my undergrad i used to hookup with this fine chick in uon.tulikuwa tunatombana ile serious.Kilikuwa kidame kia baba amenituma(BA).That sem nilipata sup all the courses i took …As in kila kitu.Left that chic next sem took the same courses and aced all of them.Wengine ni swara tu wakuletea thru sex.


In your dreams, stupid jerer

I personally knew of someone who was/is out dryfrying and knowingly infecting young people. Utacome over a night na mambo yako is done! His longterm girlfriend confessed to me as she was leaving the rp after testing +. In a few weeks he could do upto 5 different females. The disease is fast spreading, in silent ofcourse. No one will talk about it. But you can’t dispute its consequences especially in the young generation


Very true. I remember back then when hadi kwa mkia was trending then jamaa decided to try HKM with his girlfriend. Alisema after kuingiza alitoka na pieces of sukuma wiki alafu ile harufu ilikuwa kwa hio nyumba acha tu. :D:D Alisema never again will he ever practise advise from this place. Others ni hype tu and they dont practise what they write here.

@uwesmake kuja utupashe vile unamanage kuishi na hi ugonjwa