Let's take it slow-nonsense

It is a good morning to remind you that the bitch telling you she wants to take it slow is also planning for a weekend with another nigga to bang her brains out. I will always say that if a bitch wants it there is nothing like taking it slow.
Na by the way wengine wenu bado wanatumia madem hawajakula pesa. Wtf is wrong with you. Imbecile!!


OP itabidi utupatie hekaya one by one, tunataka chapters za hizi story zako, alafu make them detailed. We need to learn tafasali

Hivi ndio unaitishanga @PHARMACY matako


Hapana , wewe ni filthy homosexual fool who must be murdered by all means .
Anyone who gives evidence of finishing off @Nipe Nikusifu will pay you 200k .
What reason do I want the geyy croner dead?

  1. He was born filthy brandishing his asshole on dry hay [ATTACH=full]464749[/ATTACH]2. He is very weird [ATTACH=full]464750[/ATTACH]

Mimi niliambiwa lets take it slow, another time niliambiwa i’m coming off too strong and another time niliambiwa i think we’re better of as friends all in a space of a month by the same girl. In my defence i had never liked a girl as much as i liked her, and she was my 1st gf, but yeah.

And you guessed it, we dated but nilipigwa character development moja ya kisawasawa mpaka nikatii. Ogopeni jezebel’s

Pole bro. Now you know. You Can’t negotiate attraction. Period.

Leta hekaya mkuu

Mimi nishawahi kujiita.mkutano pekee yangu ile siku niliambiwa goodnight SAA moja jioni.


…but you are kwame the god. You should’ve seen it coming.


:D:D:D dating can be stressful.

Mtu mjanja hujijazia he is not the only one seeing her. So unachovya tu na kutosheka kama shareholder [bora kuma, si kuma bora :D:D]

Na hii mentality iliniokoa sana juu attachment na madem ilikuwa kidogo zaidi ya zaidi. Heartaches kiasi ile time nili realize nmejiingiza na kanyangumi kashajua my soft spot, earth shattering heartbreaks sikupatana nazo. I learnt to protect my feelings…