Lets share our brothel our experience in Nairobi

Ambia @eddy mahelo akupatie ebook ya experiences zake. Na ujipange because iko na pages 568 and no pictures.

I was robbed by 4momos in ml0l0ngo. I think nilipost hekaya hapa

Oh yes that shit was funny as hell

Am very idle nipe list wacha maneno mingi

The funniest story I ever heard is: mtu hapa alipeleka Malaya kwa room, akalala. So he decided to steal money from her! :eek::):slight_smile:

I am so used to Malaya kuiba simu / wallet. Drugging the man.

Unakumbuka student-doctor @luther akifuata lanye ndethe kutoka hall 2 Hadi arboretum?

Tell us more

Kama hujawi enda ile brothel iko na wengi wacha tu, hata usijaribu. Once i decided to try one along luthuli ave. First my conscience was really threathening me with eternal wrath, as i was entering i was afraid of being seen by imaginary people who could know me but i went on anyway! But as i started upwards the staircase i was terrified by a park of naked ‘hoes’ lined up in the corridor beckoning at me! Never before had i seen so many of them at ago, i panicked, turned around and fled! Since then, the term brothel conjures up in my mind terrible impracations !


@likad judging from the way you’ve described that club, I’m guessing it’s Three Eden or Good Hope.

they are still there hawawezi enda mahali

kuna jamaa hapa alisema ati alifikisha threshold alafu akalipwa na malaya:D:D:D

Under 18 is a no no. Kuna madam hapo Fabrik before ifungwe,called hdya who used to have 15-16 year old girls… The famous Rahma started at 16yrs… That makes a lot of you criminals … She once brought a 15 yr virgin and beat the fuck out of her ndio afungulie miguu a fucking pedophile…we are talking about human trafficking…apparently she is still around CBD plying her trade…ukitafuta malaya try and tafuta freelancers… Wachana na Ethiopian, Somali, Indian, Chinese, Russian… These brothels are run by mafia scum who traffic these innocent girls…hii hekaya yote nilipewa na my downtown malaya… Sick

That was you

Had a terrible experience after drunken escape at Batis. Sigwes rudia

Kuna threads mingi sana on your research;But fact is ao madem wote craiglist wako pale 205 lazarus.

fabrik ilifugwa kuna luo lady nickname melody hapo fabrik alikuaanafanya kila kitu bora pesa threesome,kufuguliwa boot,raw oral sex , kumeza cum all fantasies u could think of and very naughty

Yea its Eden, i can only recall the word eden

@mastermwenyewe = @Peter Mollis = @kaimera @Starscream

brathe najua hao wasee wote ni wewe… multi handles ndo zako

@conoiseur give us the whole story this is the opportunity to do it