Lets share our brothel our experience in Nairobi

Lets talk this opportunity to share the experience of the brothel you have visited of recent.

For wHat?!

For master mwenyewe

You must be very idle !!

yes I am


@admin section of lanye and Brothel, Trump will get more threads than Cheki Maneno and the likes. Fungulia hawa watu section Yao.


Wakati wengine wanashinda kwa jua wakiuza samaki wewe ni ujinga umejaza kwa kichwa.

Stima plaza some rooms on that closed lane.Be very careful when visiting these private apartments.some nigas are paying the rent.maze i was quickly locked in the kitchen as a man i never got to see was led to bedrooms after ashort discussion.I knew my goose was cooked.for some reason the guy didnt notice my shoes.lanye moja ndio ilikam kuniambia its safe nichomoke.ata sikutaka any explanation.Nilikua nishafikisha threshold ata sikulipa.Chungeni talkers.Kama sio hotel acha ikae

so its not a good experience

Hawa ata uwaambie nini hawawezi skia.

Huyu jamaa anafanya research…kila siku ni story ya malanye

@mastermwenyewe = @Peter Mollis = @kaimera

haha lanye akuna cha bure you probably paid 3 k bf u even dipped ur dick in fountain someone knocked the door to scare u , it was a set up imagine 4 fools being subjected to same cool 12 k impostor( husband ) walks away with 3 k while ur money and dry spell are just separated that way

Dimwits! I blame fwakin @uwesmake squarely for this shit!

I quit this lanye business some time back hapo relax pub niliapata a small girl probably 17 very sexy and beautiful after negations tukaingia room I paid her 500 like 300 above normal rate ndio mipewe style I was this foolish , kubalisha stly ya tatu kumbe c.d inikuawa tayari imeburst only thing left was c.d ring on my dick ,that was longest 6months of life after several test, masaibu ya kukamua under 18

Hii iko wapi nataka kukamua under 18

Uwesmake amefanya nini?

not sure is they exist anymore frequent apo young ladies probably out of teens selling their wares do exist