Let's See How Far These Crooks Are Willing To Go!!!

The IEBC today received bbi signitures. However, the chairman said they have no money to conduct the verification exercise. Therefore, he said the job will only begin when treasury release funds to them. It is only few days since this same treasury said there is no money in the national coffers. Acha tuone kama kuna miujiza itafanyika treasury ipate pesa za kushughulikia hio kazi. If that happens, it will be controversial since doctors are on the streets asking for allowances, which treasury is saying it cannot afford at the moment. Je, pesa ya bbi itapatikana ya madaktari ikose? acha tuone

This cunts shouldn’t surprise you anymore there’s always money to do shit and steal but not the important stuff that matters

They will print money. They have been printing anyway. That’s why the ksh has slipped to 111.5 to the dollar.
Current incomes cannot meet expenditure. Either you borrow and it back with interest or quietly print and the market adjusts.

Fuak, yaani they are risking economy collapse for selfish gains?

To be honest is better they do. Economy is struggling. Many economies are in trouble. Money has to come from somewhere. Think about it, when the government recycled old notes and got 7.1 billlion which it pumped back to the economy during early Covid. But what has happened since. Things have gotten worse.


Msijali ule mchawi alisema atatupea mbegu yakupanda izae pesa. Bibiyai ikipita.

I am proudly for BBI Pesa mashinani

pesa gani


pesa itapatikana , just support bbi

No wonder BBI is popular. Africans can’t concentrate and focus on important things. Ona ile kitu unafuatilia in this important debate.

:D:D you are a real comedian. Do you know how much tax gathecha has collected in the past 1 hour as you claim his govt is broke?

Income vs expenditure. Start from there. You can earn 2 t in a slow economy, but your recurrent expenses are 3.5t.

Hummer bertger Una sumbua.