Lets prophesy!

What are the likely possibilities?
Ruto will be kicked out of Jubilee and he will form his own party.
Uhuru will be kicked out of Jubilee.
Uhuru will destroy Jubilee from within and leave Ruto partyless.
Ruto will destroy Jubilee himself and leave Uhuru with an empty shell.
Uhuru will remain with Jubilee and form a coalition with Raila ODM.
Central leaders will jumpship from Ruto Jubilee and form their own party
Jubilee will survive the tides and remain a solid party 2022.
@spear your prophesy is needed here.

There is no honor among thieves. Hawa we will make them return what they stole from us.
viva revolution.

Give a prophesy of this…

umeffi post…
pata kiamsha kinywa urudi kwa mcoosh ya ruto…

You can always ignore my threads and chats bro, if they are useless. There is no need for matusi.

None of the negatives. Party matters can’t be handled by shadow boxing. This is not nyayo Kanu, the members command the party leadership not the other way round. Just look at the party constitution. DP Uncle Ruto who created this idea of Jubilee Party in 2015 and sold the idea to President Uhuru & Mama Ngina made sure all decisions made are collectively done. Its either by NEC or NDC with both UhuRuto and others present. There is no one man show in Jubilee. Deliberately put in place so that every decision has to be done by mutual consent. Handcheque team know that, that’s why they tried to sneak this through hoping with easter, curfew and corona then our guard is down. We are not drunks like them. As soon as he gazette it, objections were filed at political register. So either he drops it or it goes to a tribunal for determination. All public gatherings have been halted until corona pandemic is done. Once its over tribunal can start and courts will also be back where injunctions will follow. Lastly remember all party officials terms have expired. They were on 4 years acting capacity by UhuRuto and NEC appointment and never voted into those posts. Tuju and the entire team as per the political party act and Jubilee constitution have ran out their
acting capacity terms in office and can’t transact anymore party business until NEC decides the way forward. Jubilee NEC needs to meet to declare the date for grassroots officials elections in 2020 and decide who will ran party affairs until its done. Those decisions need to be presented to Political register this year or Jubilee Party will not receive their share of state funds as per their 2017 votes count provided in the Political Parties act.

Lastly all this sudden push on backdoor moves in Jubilee Party is just desperation. 2 years before President Uhuru retirement and the dozen officials who cling onto him to remain relevant have realized corona has thrown a spanner to their plans and timeline. Corona will take away one year of the remains two to stabilize the economy. No major business or political contest can take place when government is struggling to fund salaries, debts, development bills and still dream of funding President Uhuru legacy projects. No bbi, no referendum going forward. Even elections 2022 will be heavily funded by donors. By June 2021 heavy political campaigns will be in full swing as we fully enter the lame duck presidency as political realignments starts from villages up to national stage. Lastly nobody know what state the peoples welfare will be after corona burning up incomes and business this year. How angry will the people be after 3 consecutive recession years. 2018-2019-2020. We were already broke before corona showed up. So I understand the need to sneak in handcheque team loyalists in Jubilee, they can’t have bbi, can’t form handcheque party and so they try to take over Jubilee party in the hope of having a burgaining chip against DP Uncle Ruto in 2021 to include other demands. Or they hope to put more of their own on the elections board that will jointly ran Party nominations in early 2022. Lakini it will.not get that far.

ata wewe ni ignore malaya ii…
kwani ruto hana website
umbwa ii
kanukishe nyamchom kiambaa kanisaNi na ruto yako…
alafu hapa sio kwa mamako

Uhuru, Ruto and their accomplices are rabid thieves who don’t even trust each other. There is no way they will finally agree on the way forward with regards to the future of Jubilee party. There will be a fallout before 2022. Ruto will form his own party and carry a chunk of the current legislators with him.

You can’t fire whom you didn’t appoint. Tuju learnt that in Kirinyaga country recently when he tried to remove Jubilee Party majority leader for allowing members to vote to proceed on sweetie impeachment. She stole 10 million for a foreign trip she didn’t take and 50 million for a tender to her son company that was formed after they already got the tender. In this case only Jubilee MCA’s vote to appoint one of their own as Majority leader not the Party or its officials. If their is need to reverse that then the same people need to vote again to remove him and vote in another. Kama tu hiyo county matters ilimshinda sasa hii national officials changes will not even be slightly tolerated.

hio ni nation ya rv? au ya wapi?
anyway no Matter what they do ruto is the next CIC, that’s inevitable

Its a bad time for me to think about politics

@spear I wonder who advises Tuju sometimes. Amesahau juzi wetangula was not removed from minority by the leadership but by members in the house. They always think that Kenyans are fools.No matter how they try to sanitize madam sweetie yake itafika I don’t think she will be a governor next term.

Also the urezo is out of touch with reality huko Central and I bet if he stands for election today I wonder if he would get a million votes.People became fedup with him when Capital O joined the wagon and every corrupt dick and Harry became cotton including sweetie. What they know but presume to not know is that Central ni hard to sell capital O no matter how many times he stands for election,his rival will always win.

People should know that Central are disgruntled, that’s why chiefs were used to vet rally attendees sometimes back.

I wonder why leaders don’t take maybe one agenda or two agendas and promote it through kin and kith eg jubilee leadership to deal with youth employment and maybe health for first term providing a font to run for second term and in affordable housing and infrastructure? Is it so hard?

Like now when was the last time that police were recruited?(Do you know how many youths wait to join the police force,the Kenya forest service and the Kenya prisons?)ayear? 2 or 3,does it mean that there aren’t retirees?instead of hiring civil servants,they are hiring interns to assist in that. Those two are examples of how to INCREASE UNEMPLOYMENT.

I don’t know but what is the meaning of a minister without portfolio?Is it in law? Wouldnt it be better if Tuju would have been in charge of maybe a substantial ministry of more use since I understand there is more room of creation of a ministry?Are gok advisor s so clueless that they couldn’t come up with that?

Over to you @spear

Prophecy ni we will chase them like rabid dogs. Pia wewe ukiwa tetea tukutoe siaka.