Lets meet in club Bovon

Sorry, am in a kesha.

Sorry tumeshikwa na baba DC

I think its the best strip club in town

Oh yes it is

Need to visit this location. Nimekuwa nikiiona sana hapa

Tembea huko uone vitu

Sure will

Conman @mastermwenyewe is a sales agent wa Bavon, I see he has managed to get a new client

It’s one of the few places that does live sex shows. Sasa nitapitia hapo tonight. Nisafishe macho, rungu na kadhalika

Live sex show ni saa ngapi because I have been there severally and saw pole dancing and pono pekee!

That happens at around 3am

So it’s like I have to stay there the whole night to see a male prostitute screwing a female prostitute?

Nairobi is literally Sin city. There are so many other distractions in the city to keep you well occupied. Natena BV ukikaa na ka mzinga from around 12 time will fly.

They start there shows at 11pm, actually they do three main shows; smoking pussy, lesbian show and live fucking which they call kamastra

Happens only in the VIP lounge last I checked. Huwa inahappen deep in the night.

It happens in all the sections not the VIP a lone

Employee wa Bavon niaje umbwaaaa