Let's face it, the international media reports without sugarcoating and are mostly right

This is how foreign media reported the death of a ruthless totalitarian. We refuse to accept mourning of someone who took the country to its knees. I however thank him for peaceful transition unlike the cunts in Uganda.


Ouch…this is lethal. But yenyewe 24 years of looting our coffers and destroying the lives of who he perceived as his enemies like Matiba.

:meffi::meffi: ushenzi

fools. moi left power 18 years ago. what have you done to transform the country? ukilala njaa bado unablame mtu kenyatta mtu alikufa 1978. kuweni serious.

Folks, we’ll still have a thread of Uhuru Vs Moi and compare the two mediocre and inept leadership. Personally, I can’t figure a single difference labda mniambie

Moi alifinya mabengo za Raila. Uhuru anamumunya mabengo za Raila

Human rights violation is still happening. Miguna will one time be paid handsomely for what the state is doing to him.

Do they headline oliver cromwell, churchill, napoleon, etc as such?

They would never report their leaders in such a manner

Watch what you pick from western media. The western media will never say anything positive about Africa. Never. If they cover Nairobi, they go straight to the slums. When they cover Los Angeles, they will sweep the dirt under the carpet.


we don’t care about churchill, but they said what it’s supposed to be said. This man is not worth to be sanitized.

The best way to write it