Lets do this..

i wont mind following a few talkers on twitter. Pia pale Fb/mkz unaezasrop majina tujuane…
Follow @samm_sos on twitter… Don feel intimidated buy the many followers… I don discriminate… I’ll follow back asap.
Facebook ni Samm Sos
drop urs… Lets go…



being the first to…

Is this socialite serious??? Mmmeffi

Huyu Southern Comfort saa zingine mimi hudhani ako na shida flani. Being A Senior Villager, he should know by now that we value our anonymity.

There was another one who wanted to start a whatsapp group. How did it go?

watoto wa siku izi joh ,si uambie ule jamaa wa follow train akupige ka s/o


Huku hakuna followtrain

Hiyo avatar yako Howard Wallowitz alikuwa kwa movie gani?


That comedy called Grimm Brothers I think