Lets Build 250 Floor Skyscrapers While Barefoot Kids Die Of Hunger, Maendeleo Kwa Mwafrika Ni Majumba Makubwa

It will amaze me until my last day on earth how Africans are brain deficient. Negroes have upside down priorities all over the continent. Last week a Kamba woman succumbed to hunger while breastfeeding her toddler. Meanwhile pale Upperhill kuna Billions of Ksh lost in the foundations of what was to be Africa’s tallest building. Our kleptomaniac first family wasted Billions of Tax payers’ money financing a proposal that will ensure their loot is well taken care but the tax payers’ children continue to die of hunger. When will the average negro manage to use at least three brain cells and get things done?


Low IQ emotional bonobo unasumbua.

America ventured in space when most rural population was poor.

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…hii dunia is survival for the fittest,wewe na socialism yako kaa hukoo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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1920s America.



How Dubai started :


Let’s give birth to 10 kids who we can not afford to raise so we can blame the rich

Wakenya ni wavivu. Kuna watu wanaokota pesa ka nanzez kwa hosi za level five. Most of them hazina care givers so kuna wasee wamejitolelea . Ukitaka kundesho unalipa 100 akushikie basin,kuendewa snaks ni finje,kukulishwa finje ,kuoshwa two sock. Nairobi hospital is almost 3k but hao ni speshelist.It is degrading but ni kazi ,has to be done