LETS ALL PRAY FOR OUR BROTHER @Lab assist, @lab assistant @lab

Hope ur all well n doing good, just wanted you guyz to remember one of our villagers since Klist times, @Lab had a serious accident about 2 years ago and this has really grounded him for long since then, due the accident metal plates had to be inserted to help support the injured leg, the plates have really caused him a lot of pain and also due to this he took a very long time on the wheelchair, Today Lab will be heading to the theater for removal of the plates, Yesterday was his birthday, so lets wish him a happy belated birthday, get well soon and pray the operation goes down well. Happy MUMIES DAY, SINGO MUMS and Slay Queens wa area

Lab used to be a great villager…mwambie augue pole and all will be well shortly

Btw si i thought alikua dubs?

hiyo accident ndo ilibidi arudi, his in KSM, will call him later to see how yuko

Hope he recovers fully

pole kwake…

He’ll pull through. That is my prayer

Please pass my birthday wishes to him ,I pray the surgery goes well.

Salimia lab sana na umpe pole kwa niaba yangu.


Ouch, I can feel his pain, pole kwake.

Get well soon lab.

All the best Lab.

I wish him quick recovery

May he get well soon

Wish him quick recovery and happy birthday too.

Get well soon munene

Corresponded with him briefly in the immediate aftermath of his injuries, mpe pole zetu. Unfortunately hiyo email address yake siooni.

How is he now?

Pole @Lab. Get well soon, God heals.

All the best to him.