Let's Agree Going Forward

Given that I lack due protection from @admin & co., I state the following self-defense measures:
[li]I shall be left alone[/li][li]You shall let me be[/li][li]No one shall bother me[/li][/ul]
@The Penguin

If we see another post by you… i will personally poke your matako na fork!!! Gadammit!!!

Look at this face and listen


Kitchen, NOW!

Ulizaliwa ama ulinyambwa wewe?

Sijui, but niliingia mathe nyuma, ukanyambwa 9 months later

Now yangu sijui ulikuwa aje


You trying to get my attention, but u fell terribly short. I dont do hood rats. Ugly bitchez…
And how do I know?

Yvonne wouldn’t fit. So u had to add ‘swirry’ to make up for your ugly self. You hit zero on the beauty scale, and is as dense as a whore pale tea room. The only thing you hold on to, covering like its really something, is the cavity between your legs.

Covering for what?

Nabady wants it biatch! …or maybe just lowlifes and wapita njia… No one wants it for life

It hurts to have no value. Hurts. Now you have my attention, and there rises your value.

I seen your pic

U got bad legs, bad color, not enough hips, insufficient butt …how’s u a lady? What is it you insisting to be one? Drop the pink handle, take the blue your body fits male best.

And your legs, I swear they looking like side mirrors za lorry ya kubeba Mawe na mchanga

Yeah yeah, take the trophy or whatever virtual thing it is you’re hoping to achieve from insulting strangers online…as long as it helps you sleep at night. Whatevs!

i didnt insult you, i pointed truths. I will take trophies but best thing is i aint taking you. You started the insults. Start what you can finish. Its mayweather

The thread and now 6 comments (out of 9) in it are by you, take a back seat and reflect, there’s a void you’re trying to fill, find it and you’ll have some peace.

keep counting. Insult me, you get it back enhanced, doesnt count if u male or female


coward, enda kwa ile thread nilikutusi si kurukaruka kwa village kama mchawi


watu wajipe shugli