Lethal Weapon Series

When you see it. Enyewe nimeamini I am a shiny eyed nigga. [ATTACH=full]167368[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]167368[/ATTACH]

Eagle eyed…took me a minute

This part takes less than 2 seconds but x-ray vision imeona something too familiar.

The punisher ndio imenishikilia this week

Noti ya soo tano.

Switch to MPC. VLC sucks.

Zii…naona hata 1k na 200 notes angalia poa. Hata za 50 bob ziko. Ni Ksh 100 bob pekee sioni hapo

Noti ya kenia

i couldnt notice shit

which episode is this ?

Sn 2 Ep 19

lazima umesota:D:D:D

Ni kuuliza:D:D

I had to use a supadip lens ndio nione


Hawaii Five O.
Apparently there is a CIA black site in Ruiru. At a iyo landrover in KAH012K[ATTACH=full]167810[/ATTACH]