Lethal combination I have witnessed of late.

Ni MTU kuwa: illiterate+Pesa kidogo+ active on social media.
Wooi! That person can really embarrass himself/herself badly on social media. Especially pale Mukuru kwa Zukabaga. They keep on posting stuff that is outrageous and sometimes too private for the public limelight. Wacha Kwanza sasa huyo jamaa akuwe singo matha. Ni Yesu tu atasaidia hapo juu Ile drama nitakuwa mnaletewa ni deadly. Not forgetting the merciless murdering of the Queen’s language na Kiswahili. In my view, some people should just be banned from social media sites unless it’s anonymous sites.

:D:D:D:D na akikua mega supreme simp single mother sympathizer kama @Top-Gun nakuambia apo ni disaster. Thank God Top Meffi has some tiny bits of brains that he uses to redeem his simptology condition. I wouldn’t be near such a nigga within a radius of 100km

No Facebook account for me. No istagram, no tuktuk… Just ktalk, telegram na Senate. I don’t even have a status on WhatsApp. Hell!, hata ktalk na Senate I don’t have no avatar!!

We should be very careful with social media. The internet never forgets.

Me and you both brother. No IG and all the rest. A FB account I hardly access and no pictures, just KT…WhatsApp no mbisha. I send on request to individuals.
But I do feel sorry for our young women today…

I too deleted Facebook and Instagram after seeing how toxic and unhealthy social media can be. I have also muted anyone who posts those WhatsApp statuses. They are very distracting plus I hate giving people attention.


Kila mtu na starehe zake, others may view also what you post here as BS, kama haihusiani na Maisha yako let them be.

I am on fb, instagram, twitter, youtube, na nimeskia kuna ingine inaitwa tik tok, which I will join shortly. I hardly post anything, but it is important to know what’s trending and what bonoboz like @Jimit are thinking/ doing.

It still remains a very good source of news for me. But I don’t have a single personal info there

My only problem is the narcissism by people in socio media pages, my friend why post your pictures day in day out, to people who don’t care a bag of beans about you? I only enjoy the safisha macho material by the gals, but ndume iko na sauti inagwara na kipara, what’s the purpose of your fvcking pictures? Get a hobby and stop being a slayqueen.

Hehehe. Hapo umemaliza MTU kabisa

Being on these websites is not a problem but how you use your airspace there matters a lot

You nailed it!. This tabia is what made me leg it from FB. Why oh why do I need to see your baby sleeping? and strangely most of these friends that flood the pages with mbishas showing how happy they are, are v empty in real life. But what is also annoying is that they will goad you for piks like it is a competition…‘sisi hatuna piks to share’ is my response.


I am in those forums for the same reason

:D:D savage response.

True. Or come to ktalk and be an anonymous clickbaiter like Digi

Naunderstand challenges za kuwa mtoi mless na wazazi wasio masonko na kusaka job bila maconne na wasee wabigi wa kunitetea. Natambua piya challenges za kusetup na kurun bizna ndogo. Naelewa vipoa story ya kudoze bila kumanga na kusota. Nimepass through hii life so naifeel.

Settings za watsap unaweza nyonga watu wanaweka status can’t see umeona that’s what I did but hizo status stories bullshit sitambui.

Facebook ni kuosha mecho