Leteni ushuhuda

Have you ever got into an altercation with Kenya police whereby uliwekelewa makosa but you had a dash cam?

How did it go?

Kuna haja ya kuweka ama the cops will always win?

Upload it on twitter and tag ipoa na all the big bloggers the idea is to create a buzz around the issue.

Huwa wanasumbua kusumbua. The idea is always to ensure that you are so inconvenienced [either police custody or as you sort out things at the cop shop] that you are forced to part with “something” so that you can go about your business because you do not have time to waste.

If you have time to waste, sure, a lot of your time will be wasted at the cop shop, whilst waiting to take plea and in processing your bail. After you are freed, those lil’ assholes will never show up in court for the hearings. Six consecutive court appearances later with the pigs not showing up, an even bigger asshole of a magistrate begins to take notice. Then you have another four to five appearances before she can arm twist the cunt of a prostitutor to withdraw the charges.

In the end, the question you have to answer is this:- is it all worth it?

its 3 times… if they dont show up after 3 times the case can be thrown out by the magistrate

When they see my dashcam they avoid me or wave me through. One of the best purchases I ever made.

watu wa kutembea kama thompson gazzelle na kupakiwa kwa matatu kama mifugo please stay awayhttps://img.caixin.com/2019-07-19/1563536944089228.jpg

Shoot slices juu ya bonnet

Sawa basi

…following, but always avoid the D minus kwa njia yoyote ile. Hizo ghaseer can mess you big time.