Leteni best ideas for pension

Salute all.
My folks have are about to receive their pension and I would want it to work for them. My fear is they become miserable after exhausting it. Any billionaire here to share workable investment ideas, industry insights/ info. Business is high risk for now as civil servants.

Wacha kupangia wazazi pesa yao ki.hii. They are grown-ups watajipanga wewe enda utafute zako.

:D:D kwani wewe ni headmaster. Huwa umebeba kiboko saa zote.

they should have invested a long time ago, too late now

Mimi ni disciplinarian :smiley:

The key here is low risk and stable yields.

Anything beyond that will be premium tears.

For example, if your parents can live off 50K per month assuming they have a house, small garden for sustaining day to day food, no dependants, no loans, they could look at money market fund, for instance.

So if their pension is ksh 6 million with possibility of 10% return they can get hiyo 50K.

Alternative pia is rental property. 6 million can build bedsitter kadhaa on one floor. Chasing peasants for rent will keep them busy and occupied.

Remember, low risk and stable returns.

No matatu, tuktuk, Merry go round, get rich quick schemes and they can have guaranteed investment that will outlive them and have some left for kids.

…they can try matatu business:D:D

:pSukari na chumvi itapanda

At least it will keep them busy

No one is perfect, your offspring could give you the best opportunities. Remember, the more busy you’re at old age, the more healthy you are. Your reply is toxic and you seem to be pedestrian to investment ideas.

…hehe it’s a very risky venture health-wise and financially. Hii hapana macheso

…busy for a very short period, it can be a ticket to the other world. Hehe ni wakule pesa pole pole bila stress.

I agree kama investments ndio wanataka sasa waanze upya they’ll have a long way.

They have invested in property, land and other assets. Was thinking of investment that don’t tie cash lot and there is easy access to funds for liquidity.

They can start a daycare business since they have all the time on their hands and experience to boot.