For a while now,i have been trying to figure out how politicians manage to face “NORMAL KENYANS” as they refer to us in their speeches…By the way I hate that phrase NORMAL KENYANS! but try and give it a thought.We are normal coz its a norm for a politician to lie to Kenyan citizens and then come back with other promises that we don’t dismiss but instead attend rallies and listen to.First off, the merger between Jakom and Uhuru.K is of enormous benefit to Kenyans coz of the serene environment that persists right now,tribalism has drastically sublimed into thin air,The shit’s just cool;I call it a merger coz I lack a better word.Honestly to the two leaders it’s like a business partnership coz they are both benefiting.Despite the peace,good biz and reduced tribalism,my question to Kenyans is,"WHEN WILL WE LEARN TO LET POLITICIANS FIGHT THEIR WARS AS WE MIND ABOUT OUR OWN LIVES??? "

I don’t wanna go back there but we have lost men,women,kids,fathers,mothers…etc just to political animosity.The pain ate through the victims of the late family members and friends,politicians came out to condemn killings!! Fooling us that the deaths are not in vain and for Kenya to be Liberated from the jaws of the prey,blood needed to be shed!! Was blood even necessary in the first place?? O.k I am talking because of the famous handshake that has eventually extinguished the inferno that was consuming our Mother-Land.For those of you who lost someone,was it worth to loose your beloved one/ones for someone’s political ambition just to later realize that,the two catalysts that sparked and nurtured the spark into a flame would dine,talk,laugh and sit together,pretending to care for our well being???

If we Kenyans didn’t learn through this manifestation,then we will never learn!!! Why go out to face military personnel who practically don’t damn about your life,just to get hurt presenting someone who will eventually dine with his so called “RIVAL/ENEMY” as you settle hospital bills and heal the scars alone?? It’s time we realize that these VOTE preying predators by the name" WANASIASA" will say anything for them to get what they want and as soon as their hands are on the trophy,they will spit in your mouth,look down on you,make friends with their political rivals and leave you standing like an orphan in the cold trying to figure out where home is!!! So Kenyans please,THINK!! before going medieval on your fellow Kenyan just coz you want someone to hold a certain political crown.Look at them now,they lavish in riches,big cars,mansions…wewe mwenye ulikuwa unatupa mawe na kuharibu mali ya wenzako uko na nini???


I think we best embrace justice, rule of law, systems that work, reduce discrimination and ethnic bigotry and peace will flow.

idiocy knoweth no limits

If I said that it is foolish to insult a fellow Kenyan on this forum in the name of a particular political coalition or party, I could have been summarily branded as pro this coalition or that party without questioning the grounds upon which I called out someone as foolish which sums my thoughts, if you believe that politicians care about economic empowerment and civil liberties and generally the best interests of the citizenry, something must be wrong in your head.

Awesome! At least there goes another autonomous human being.

It starts with losers accepting they lost.That’s how civilized democracies work.
Not going around muck raking, accusing each and every body for the loss and inciting followers not to accept the results.

What did the winners win? That’s a trick question. There are no “winners” just one “winner” and his dumb supporters.

The politicians on both sides are sociopaths who could care less about the starving poor and hungry. You didn’t win anything except the delusion of power…and this is coming from a kikuyu.



It mainly starts with not legalising false results or paying muzungus to teach you how to abuse each other over foreskins, killing election officials or deporting own citizen only to have them back.