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A-40-year-old man from a remote village in Rongo, Migori County is in police custody; accused of defiling and plotting to forcibly marry his two daughters. The two girls are minors aged 11 and 14 years. Area police boss Kisaka Muganda confirmed the arrest of the man whose beastly acts have left an entire village in shock. Otieno’s acts are said to have been exposed by the younger daughter after a recent incident in which she claimed he defiled her and her elder sister as their step-mother watched.

Otieno’s first two wives are deceased. His first wife was the mother of the 14-year old girl and the second wife left the 11-year old daughter. Village in shock The man, who does menial jobs for a living, has two other wives.

According to the girl, they were sleeping in their grandmother’s house when their step-mother, their father’s third wife, woke them up at midnight, telling them that their father wanted to talk to them. “We went to the house only to find our father armed with a jembe. He ordered all of us, including our step-mother, to go to the bedroom and undress,” narrated the 11-year-old.

The fourth wife said the girls lived under constant threats from their father. She narrated the ordeal of how their father got intimate with their step-mother as they watched before turning on her and her sister. “He told us that he wanted me and my sister to be his wives to replace our late mother,” she said. The father is reported by close relatives to have withdrawn the girls from school so that he could repeatedly molest them. Fed up with her father’s despicable acts, the girl confided in her aunt who in turn reported the matter to police. The father went into hiding.

Two days later, police arrested him in his hideout. “We have the man in our custody and we will take him to court as soon as investigations are complete,” said Muganda. Children’s rights activists have raised the red flag over rising cases of incest and gender-based violence. Last week, National Gender and Equality Commission Chairperson Winfred Lichuma said cases of relatives engaging in sexual intercourse were on the rise, raising concern over waning moral values across the country.

“Cases of men engaging in sex with their daughters or sisters are on the rise. Wife battery and defilement are on the rise. We are preaching against gender-based violence,” she said.

Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000206596/horror-tale-of-kenyan-man-who-defiles-his-two-daughters-as-spouses-watch

Disgusting!!! The step mother is pure evil how the he’ll did she go along with this kind of cruelty she also deserves to be in jail.As for that beast anyofolewe…


Nînjûî harîa worongoreirie no hau nîtûraumire, ithe wa ûrîa.

(Translation: I know you want to whip up stupid anti-Jaluo excitement but you’re on your own, old man).


fukuza mapepoooo riswaa



Looks like he wanted to keep the genes within the family! Very stupid if you ask me!



Wooi with kids that age, I can only log out.
Hi @FieldMarshal CouchP

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That storo is also found here plus taking the fight to babuon… I like that.

@guru,na hii baridi unatakaje?

Kama hauna mwenyewe ole wako. Si uchukue yule mrembo hunisumbua.


Fucked up old man. And a fucked up step mom…for not reporting the matter sooner

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Hi wakameat watu wapewe supu+ mutura …nangoja supu hapa progressive ; GUKA,can’t survive this cold !

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This story is in the Standard. What’s tribal about it?


Hi gal. Hope the cold isn’t too much…

Kufa pole pole.

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Sikufi na sikufi. Kumanina!


at least he was not shining his eyes at the prepubescent girls…


That’s terrible but this post is also in typical feud macho fashion. If these events had taken place in ‘some other place’ hangeileta hapa. This old nigger is so transparent you could use him as a window.