Let Kenya burn

Am seeing some banters between IEBC and National Police in regards to some stickers belonging to the former and the logistics used to deliver them.
Their dick measuring contest will invoke mistrust in the entire IEBC process,which might result to election outcome disputes.
Why i say let Kenya burn:-

  1. For people to respect rule of law and the constitution. It is obvious IEBC and NPS are testing each other.
  2. So that I can have something to blame for failing to achieve my set goals before 40 which is fast approaching

I always knew you were a low IQ bonobo. Can’t say that I’m surprised by your prayers to Wanyonyi Jehovah.

Ujinga ya hali ya juu. Yaani some next level stupid …

Must be your groin burning from Gonorrhea infections.

Long time no see,no hear from you sir.

Don’t you think that would be a good way of justifying my failures

:D:D:D:D you always looking for ways of getting back to me,try something else

Successful people don’t justify failure, but understand it’s necessary to learn from it and grow.

They are many failures,you wouldn’t understand coz you were given everything on a silver platter by your parents.
Ukiangalia your bank statements trying to find what you raked in on your own you will probably find nothing.

Wacha ichache. Feeerk it

Si mlisema Uhuru na Raila ni deep-state and we can do absolutely nothing about it?


if you’re tired of living enda ukufie mbali na sisi, kenya will not burn.

Arap Sugoi na Chebukati wataichoma,wameanza kuleta extra ballots through individuals halafu wakinaswa they play victim,ikiwaka nakutafuta huko Mau na kukurudisha Chepalungu

IEBC iko free kuwa na kiwango chochote cha ballots, bora tu uchaguzi iwe free na fair. Kama haitakuwa free and fair kuna mahakama.

@Kimakia @Thirimaii shall never have peace in this village.:D:D

Au kanuke,kwani hauna mishale iko ready

ii kitu tunachukua kwa ballot, tumejipanga.

Niaje madoadoa?

Nandi fools watapiga kelele after the Railas win na watulie ,

Mishale iko ready?