Lessons from Cohen's sad end..

There was some wisdom to Cohen’s decision to find a young African maiden to keep him warm in his old age. But, he chose her from the wrong stock. He chose a certain type of feisty kikuyu woman that has been terrorizing men since enzi za Wangu wa Makeri. It would have been wiser for him to go further a field and get a young yello yello Taita, like Bill Lay did. Joyce Lay is one hell of a good lay. And even when the old mzungu husband divorced her, she didn’t make a whole production about it. Instead, she lay low like an antelope, despite her stature, and begged Bill for forgiveness.

Now, why do I think there is wisdom in getting a pretty young thing to keep your warm in your old age? Once your kids are educated, grown and independent, and once you’re no longer needed for school fees and rent, women make a sudden about-turn in the behavior. The become temperamental, virulent, and often down right evil. In their eyes you’re no longer a husband; you’re just a bothersome old man.

This shift in behavior is exacerbated by the hormonal changes that come with menopause. You see it all the time. Older women try to turn the kids against the father. They belittle the old men. They take every chance to point out the old men’s diminishing usefulness. My cousin had to literally evacuate his old man from Kenya to the US because the man wasn’t even being fed at home. This uncle of mine spent his whole life working to educate his kids in schools that were way above his pay grade. Even when the son went to US, he gave him his pension ndio aanzie life huko. And yet, he was being treated kama meffi tu.

The bible says “Now King David was old and well along in years, and though they covered him with blankets, he could not keep warm. So his servants said to him, “Let us search for a young virgin for our lord the king, to attend to him and care for him and lie by his side to keep him warm.” Then they searched throughout Israel for a beautiful girl, and they found Abishag the Shunammite and brought her to the king.…”

Gukas like @gashwin should take note and prepare. And, young fellas should take lessons and avoid virulent women like @Purple.

Can i buy you a drink later in the night

Hiyo word play iko sambamba

I know a guy I work closely with who currently is in a Tob situation.
The man in his early fifties never takes any meal at home that’s purposely prepared for him but eats when everyone is sharing the same food.
He sleeps in different bedrooms with the wife.
The situation is made worse by the fact that despite him being the brains behind the family wealth, income from various businesses they run and rental units is controlled entirely by the wife a decision he blames on years back when the two were lovey dovey and he entirely let the wife to run the accounts.
To compound the situation the guy got himself a mistress when things started not working out at home with whom he now has two kids and about a year ago the wife learnt about the mistress and created lots of drama about it.
As you pointed out rightly, the wife has managed to change their three grown up children against their father.
As it stands now, the man firmly believes the wife would take him out with liitle or no second thought.
And yes, don’t even bother to ask, both are from Kiambu.

Banae na huyo jamaa hako exit plan yoyote?

One thing I’ve noted with these white pensioners is that they have a poor taste of women, they often go for the loose ratcheting women…

Njeri niki mani? How can you draw lessons from someone you’re not equals? Kwanza become a birrionaire, wewe ata bibi hawez kunyonga, she’d be plagued by burial expenses na incase aamue kukuzika hata pesa ya simiti hana. Lakini the best part is hawez shikwa, Kinoti hawez jisumbua na hoi polloi kama wewe, meffi

We will overcome

His main undoing is the accounts and most of the properties are in the wife’s name.
Something he did when they were younger and in love.
Getting them back in his control currently is impossible unless he opts for outright divorce.

Wah! Sounds very complex; wife inakaa hatamove an inch na an outright divorce pia inaweza kumweza. Ameongea na lawyer chini ya maji aone kama kuna vile anaweza negotiate?

kumbe kuna abishag kwa Bible?
na kazi yake ilikuwa kushag :smiley:

Plagiarized content. Some other talker posted this almost word for word.

He’s not so intelligent if he can’t extract himself from a clearly dangerous situation, is he?

I happen to be that ktalker… in another thread

Niaje kijana mdogo…

na huyo uncle yako Bibi ni Kikuyu?

@mimi humwaga ndani always advocate for settling after getting wealthy (age of 60) I’m sure he has followers here taking notes.

The women hunt for them.

The wall also hits men in their sunset years. Wacha vile mnajifanya jogoo ya kijiji hapa, one day you will become a liability to all your wives and kids. When prostate issues start cropping up and have to wear diapers to avoid urinating on yourself. Huna meno, unanuka makojoo, you’re just a nuisance.

But if you stay loyal to ONE wife and sire kids with her, give them everything you got, the same treatment shall be accorded unto you. What men forget is the indestructible bond between a mother and her children. Kazi ya ndume huisha after shot but a mother-child bond is just starting and will last forever. I read somewhere that when someone is dying, like really going, I’m not talking about near miss accidents, the last word on everyone’s lips is MAMA, mummy, mum. A mother is a god second only to Jehovah. I fear, the wall that hits men later on is much, much worse than women’s. Circumstances force them to exit this world like vagabonds.

I think i know the person you are talking about… is he a prosecutor?

I wouldn’t doubt his intelligence.
He has an exceptionally sharp business mind.
Whether they go hand in hand with intelligence I don’t know.
The guy definitely is no schemer.

Let’s just leave it at that.