Leso Friday :Kamene's wedding proves that post walls will drag anything to the alter

Dj hana shoulders.

After all, she has discovered she needs something to live for…at least a child


Ati if you want to leave. How old are you again son?? Ati she’ll just let you hump her incubate a coupla babies in her belly then bounce … You must be out your mind

You can tell the boyshaol was dragged to the alter kicking, screaming and scratching. Hakuna on his own volition hapa. Somebody check on this kafukuswee to ensure he’s alright

the cunt once said on one of her radio shows that she underwent tubaligation as she does not want kids. ama ilikuwa hype ya radio talk tu

Mumeamua leo ni kuvaa shuka adi uku juu kwa mabega eeh. Wacha nitafte jamvi niletee mboga ya kienyeji tudonoe tukipiga ili ghumzo takatifu

Ombwakni sema tubal litigation mara kumi. I warned you against commenting on scientific matters without my input. Hukusikia?

jaluo umeona ukatize kuosha smegma ukimbie hapa u comment umeffi.
io hapo juu ni wewe na mamako tu mumefanywa dunia mzima ndio ujinga isienee.

rudia tubal ligation x1000

It just proves that women yap about empowerment, miss independent ladies I don’t need a man, but deep down they want someone they can come back home to and tell them their problems na ujinga zao. President was Single ladies Akothee amekuwa akiingiza wasichana kiburi, juzi what did she do? Funny thing these brainwashed women wanaambiwa wasisumbuke kuolewa, yet hao wenye wanawaambia wasiolewe, end up finding themselves some man, wanawaacha kwa mataa. But they never learn.

The greatest achievement of women is not education, money or social status. It’s marriage

Remember she’s funding this wedding and most likely the jamaa will live off her as well…so what else does he bring to the table other than sperm.


A while back si ilisemekana ako na ile big disease with a small name.


Dj majishindia a battle hardened whore, but the silver lining is that he now has a roof over his head.

If you’re a tall, decent enough looking chap, kuna wamama wengi sana who’ll be more than happy kukuweka hii Nairobi. Just be very flexible on your standards.

Madem huwa mafala. All their boss bitch role models, kina Beyonce, kina Cardi B have been cheated on na bado wamebaki na their man. Nicki Minaj keeps talking about finessing men but every man she dates is more broke than her. Unashangaa who’s finessing who. Instead of looking at their actions na kuona wanachezwa they’d rather just blindly agree because it’s empowering

Apart from the last point hizo zingine naona ni effects za uzee wako…