Lesnar v Jones

Jim Jones

Overeem was juiced up when he beat Lesnar. Bila steroids Lesnar angemkanyaga.

Lesnar was also juiced up. Both fighters were on steroids that day.

Mdau ni kama unadai kudinywa matako na Brock Lesnar. You sound to be so deeply in love with the man. Hadi umeandika kizungu yako yote hoping he reads and picks you in his arms Waweru style.

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Grown men discussing other men’s muscles , thighs and penis sizes.:rolleyes:

Why cant you write about women’s sports?

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Are you in love with Jim Jones?

I mean you have to really be in love with a man to rename yourself after him.

What is it that you love so much about this man Jim Jones? Is it his smile, his charm or just his muscles?

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But we are al know who in this kijiji loves “kwa Nyeni” more than all the others… Ni hayo tu kwa sasa!

Lesnar had undergone a major surgery at the groin area,he wasn’t fully healed otherwise reem was lucky that night.the only fighter who beat prime Lesnar fair and square was Cain Velasquez…

Frank Mir also beat him. He actually submitted him.