Lesnar v Jones

If Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones had a match up who would win??


Jon Jones bones would smash that square headed redneck Brick to a pulp… would be more brutal and embarrassing than the beating he received from Cane Velasquez…
heshimu huyo Blackie bana

Alistair Overeem pia alimfanyia ile kitu. After several big knees and a kick to his midsection he couldnt fight again.

lesnar ni mkubwa bana

Lesnar will win coz takedowns zake ni mzito. Jon Jones lacks the muscle to counter such takedowns

Has jones moved up in the weight category?..if so he would wipe the floor with lesnar . …fight would be over in 40 seconds. Lesnar is only good in wwf nowhere else. Jones is a beast

By the way @tall mnyama everywhere no offence but by making such a comparison means hujui huu mchezo sana…you are a new fan like me…those two are worlds apart

Jon Jones moved the weight category some months ago some times last year. Ameingia heavyweight sasa

I have been a UFC for a very long. This was just a speculation.I mean Frank Mir submitted Lesnar. Velazquez and Overeem made mince meat from him.

Mean while in 2011 at the age of 23, Jones was dismantling and submitting the GOATS of MMA

Lesnar has zero Cardio , he cant fight competitively for more than two rounds. he has zero wrestling/ground skills. mighty mouse would beat Lesnar in a wrestling game

Endurance yake hukua nzuri though

Stop it now, brock has never been a slouch And in his prime he was mudering opponents. He also was a great wrestler in his college days, And yes Jones would crush him now as he has moved up to HW.

Jones imo is one if those generational talents. Shida ni he is just soo destructive and he is a cheat just like lesnar.

Yeah thats the problem with him. He is a juicer and a dirty fighter always pokinh opponents in the eyes.

Jones akimaliza sniffing coke from @Freyja’s butthole, maybe then he can come for a GOAT debate.

Bado uko Kwa mathee?

bado unakuliwa bibi na @Starscream ?

Afadhali Mimi kukuliwa Bibi coz nitafukuza yeye nioe