Lesbianism ain't for the poor.

This is a rich women thingy. It can’t work if u are a chic from the slums. It just doesn’t blend in.

Look at them. Hata kheri angekuwa tuu malaya kama hakuna mahns anawataka.

Love is blind

Midget rudishia @vuja de star yake

Lesbianism and poverty don’t work. Its science

hii ndio na tambua

Ni Malaya tu. Hagwes kataa rwabe.

interesting/wierd conclusion. may be can we then say gayism is for the poor fellows who can’t afford puthy

Not “we” but you…tell us more u homosexual meffi.

get sober first, and tell us what makes you conclude they are lesbians. girls take pictures like that often with no hidden agenda. i don’t see anyone fingering the other. I got lots of photos of my own blood sisters in that pose, taken even in my presence. if you have nothing to post, don’t post irrelevant stuff. get popcorns sit back to read comments.

Maybe ni mabeshte tu, AMA wamesema they are lesbians? Women tend to be very touchy feely with each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they “sleep” with each other.

agreed! check my comment up there. I thought so, and now the guy @Panyaste★ can’t take it. he is hurling insults.