Lesbian Pastor


Sasa uyu and the Bible states clearly homosexual Sodom ilichomwa na sulphur sababu ya hii tabia…

Watu wa dini


She looks like a fat china-man in drag.

Touch not the annointed of ghaaaaaaaaad

Tuko iko ngangari and has a bright future bora wasianze kuleta male homos story

Sahii anything goes. Roho mtakakitu…sorre, mtakatifu anaingia mpaka toddlers :D:D:D


How can somebody be a pastor and gay at the same time?

Hizi ni end times

How far are we from the second coming of Christ?

How far are you from a thief?

Can’t tell

She is right:p

No one can tell

We had Willy Paul as a gospel artist, how is this a downgrade?

Imagine how many young boys and girls this “pastor” will mislead? Next will be a pedophile pastor.

Gay agenda itapelekwa mbele sana. Wameona nyeuthi only way kutuingiza mix ni through kanisa juu huko ndio ujinga yote sisi hupeleka na kutoa.