Leosexual - only 21-25

How many walk among us in this Kijiji.
Anything older than 25 ni shosho yuck :meffi::meffi:


21-22 yr old tosha.

18 ::wink:: to 23


so unasema wewe sio leosexual wala shoshosexual?

Ata sina habari nimeweka tu . Nimeona MGTOW iko murefu

I have bad news for men. There is a big difference between wanting something, and being able to get it. Data shows that men want 18-24 year old women, but they can only get women around their own age. On the other hand, women want men around their own age and that’s exactly who they get (generally). So, 99% of men can’t enact on the 18-23 year old fantasy especially if they are above 30. The average 30+ year old man can’t pull 22 year old chics.

Do not dream even for a second that you will be some 35 or 40 year old guy and pull 21 year olds if you are a regular Joe - and its a guarantee that most of you won’t be somebodies by that age or ever. For the average man, the best time to exercise your sexuality is when you are below 30 because then there is no burden of performance placed on you by women. Alternatively, use that energy to get success so that you can be in your prime at every age.

Remember when you used to smash miss University when you had nothing in a bedbug-infested hostel?? Back then you were both 22. At 42, you will need a sportscar to pull the same 22 year old bitch. At 55 you will be paying bedsitter rent for the same crack. Same girl - different terms and conditions for each man.

watu hawafugi
wanapeleka huduma centre kuchukua id alafu ni kupiga magoti na kurudisha kwa streets


Huyu ni homo