leo zinakushikia wapi

uko machakos wapi, mimi niko pande za sussana

Why dont you get drae fraedā€¦Women do it more than men. Somethingā€™s wrong.

I stand as an individualā€¦I donā€™t do stuff just coz other women are doing it.

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But you dont hate to be drae fraed. celibacy is just your choice?

Hahaha Iā€™m feeling a bit like @ol monk in a counselorā€™s office.

I sensed kumbe si @ol monk peke yake hapa.

@ol monk is in a special place on his ownā€¦

Anchor pubā€¦after zeroes resort.
newest joint

Ok. I get your drift.

Ol monk hayuko peke yake. Me too. Many.